My Younger Friend

I met Kendra via a CL ad and arranged to see her for a drink. She was attractive brunette, and very sexy for a woman who'd had twins and one other child. She complained that the twins had ruined her tummy, but while we enjoyed a drink, I couldn't tell. We'd met to discuss a potential ******** for her, and I was happy with the age difference of 21 years: she said she was 30. The interview went well, and I inquired as to whether she'd like to have one more drink at my house, which was nearby. She agreed and we arrived a few minutes later.
We'd already had two martinis each, so the glass of wine we each had next moved both of us along. Our discussion about sex and several men ******* her had gotten us both turned on. The next thing I knew, as I took a sip, I felt a tug at my waist and felt her starting to undo-my belt; she'd slipped off the coach and was on her knees on the floor. She undid my belt in short time, unbuttoned my pants, and unzipped them with the speed and accuracy of a woman on a mission. Moments later, I felt her soft, plump lips gently kissing the tip of my ****. Her lips were amazingly soft and I grew harder as i felt her take me into her mouth. She gently worked my manhood deeper into her mouth and throat and I felt the most incredibly sensual sucking feeling as she pulled my **** with each wet flourish. I hadn't noticed that she'd unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra, so when i was getting close she pulled out and timed this so that I splashed my *** across her ample ****. What pleasure she gave me! Here's to women who enjoy older men!
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May 11, 2012