"Car Wash Dude"

Summer of freshman year, my mom went to get her car washed. Thats how I first saw him...

I swear, he was... perfect. His hair, his voice, his body. I am smiling just thinking about him right now. And he was extremely nice. But he was 20, I was only 15.

For maybe three months, I continued to admire him from the backseat window. I was always so excited to go to the car wash just because of him. 

I had no idea what got into me but... It wasn't until September 17th and I was a sophomore, when I finally developed the guts to give him my number. My mom pulled up to the car wash and I slipped him my number through the window, haha. It was the most intense moment ever.

Later that day, my mom and I went to my grandmothers house and he actually text messaged me.

From that point forward we became very close. We called each other every single night and I loved it.

We stopped talking when my mom turned off my phone and we didn't talk again until January, which was about three months later.

On January 16th, about 3am, I snuck out and he picked me up in his white Mustang and we went to his apartment. At first, we just cuddled but then we started to talk about my obsession with blood and he said, "I can make you bleed." He began to bite/kiss my neck and slowly took my clothes off. Before I knew it, his pants were off and he was trying to have intercourse, but I resisted. -___- I was too scared of the pain of losing my virginity so we just kept making out and he continued to finger me.  He took me home at like 5am.

Things were a little awkward between us, but not a lot. We still talk every now and then but he works a lot so he does not has much time.
I want to hang out with him again.

I guess the main thing I liked about being with an older guy was that he wasn't immature like the guys at school. He knew what he was doing and he had his own place, an amazing car, and a stable job as a sales manager at the car wash. OH yeah, and he was freaking sexy. ;)

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hot add me

He was a very lucky guy, I'm envious now... ;-p