Yes I do! But 7-15 Years Older Not 30

Dont know why but ive always been attracted to older men. The youngest one i properly dated was 5 years older than me. Guys my age are mostly so immature and look so young. And I want to feel that im dating a man not a boy. I feel safe and secure with older guys + i like to feel like a little girl who has a lot to learn from my man. And of course they are better in bed :)
But by older i mean 7-15 years older not 30. 15 years older is really my limit.
After that its very difficult to find anything in common with a person couse the age difference becomes too big. And i dont think there is any point in dating if you dont have any common interests. It makes me feel like some bimbo who is used by men purely for sexual pleasure.
LaraWantsCandy LaraWantsCandy
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I wish there were more girls like you.


Oh em like the same. I've never dated guy's my own age because they are so immature and they don't have the same level of intellect that us scorpio women tend to have. I think thats the reason why Im so drawn to older men. Plus they are more expierienced, and they just know what to do.