I Got Him....

....and it was (and still is) amazing. After so long and so much flirting, he finally made his move. and ive never been so turned on in my life. We had to meet up alone on call, and throughout the evening together i kept paying him compliments and brushing his leg 'accidently' and i was wearing my tightest pencil skirt and stockings and had my hair down and finally when we arrived in the garage and he was quiet. He turned off the engine, and i stepped out into the dark and walked ahead of him. I heard the car door slam behind me and i turned around and he was just standing there...then he beckoned me towards him... and i walked towards him slowly and stopped to look up at him and he pulled me towards him suddenly and kissed me so hard and pulled at my hair. I could feel him against me and i couldnt wait to undo his shirt and tie....we rushed to the office undressing and we f***ed like rabbits...... oh god, it was so goood......and now we meet whenever we can, and to say he's 38 years older than me, hes the best ive ever had.....He says he cant believe his luck, but i feel like the lucky one..
Rubyx Rubyx
22-25, F
2 Responses May 20, 2012

SO hot! Enjoy!

congratulation :)