I Want Them!

i gotta say i love older men, cos they really hit the spot in bed. love being spanked too, and its not the same sexy feeling with someone my own age! and their hot, bald guys especially, and stubble. yeah, they just do it for me ;)
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29 Responses May 21, 2012

And I like younger girls;) add me please

I would luv to nibble you in all the right places and take you places you've never been before. ..please add me Sexy..

and i am sure they all love you too,
Hope we get to be friends

I'm not bald (yet), but I'll be sure to have stubble on my face when I come over to spank you...

Wow!!! I would definitely want to take a dirty young girl like you to bed... Can you add me to your circle? I'm 27

Mmmmmm 35y/o here.....id love to satisfy you! Plz add ;)

I'm in my mid 40s does that count?

damn im not bald but its really nice to feel that wet **** you have...

Would you do me babe?...Check out my pictures

Add ne please, I'm 58

How does 35 sound to you?

add me...I'm 49 and love younger girls!

I'm in my 50s. Will you add me?

i cant write in your white board..please add me....

id love to do it for u and to u lets chat

I am 51 and love spanking

What have you done that you need to be spanked for? Add me :)

I like old men because they seem to know what they want, and have no reservations.

i am half way there and i do not shave, i get a trim and stuff when i get my hair cut but i do not shave other wise. i got a big bell covered with hair and you found enough older guys here have any other young friends that want to have a get together. you'd be suprised what you can buy through me. i am also a minister so you can call me father.

i'd love to give you a good spanking baby, add me

You seem wonderfully playful.

Im 30, athletic, tall, with a hairy chest shaved/balding head with sandpaper stubble ;)<br />
<br />
And the bulge in my pants right now has to be 2 inches thick and 8 inches long. I only get that extra inch when m extra turned on. Where are you from? Want to message privately?

49, Bald with a white beard. Would you like to add me?

Nice to read that you prefere men around 50-:) Would love to be in your circle...



I am not 50

/damn :(

How old?