Attraction For Older Men

As a teenager I always had the idea of being with someone older, at 16 I started to casually see someone who was 28. Although I know now that at the age of 16 that may have been wrong, I still find myself with older men. I am 22 and recently single. My ex-fiance and I were almost 10 years apart. I thought maybe it was a maturity thing..(not so much with him). Now I am having a bit of "secret" relationship with a man who will be 40 this year and he is exactly the time of man I have always wanted and the age difference never seems to be an issue. We really do see each other as equals, he never treats me like he has more life experience in any way and we can carry a conversation perfectly!
secretkeeper1 secretkeeper1
22-25, F
May 21, 2012