The Older Man That I Seek

I also love older men. I am only 26, but I have to be with older men. I find myself tending to flirt more/harder with them. I'm not sure if it's because they are more experienced, or "grown up", more secure? I am sexually attracted to men that are about 10-25 years older than I am, but they never want a one night stand. My biggest fear with them is that because they are much older, they are no longer interested in marriage and children. I would love to find an older man that looked like Richard Gere and make 6 babies with that man! I would worship the ground he walked on....
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I feel it is natural and best when the woman is about 15 years younger than me. I can't connect at all with women my age. It feels very unnatural. The natural dominant /submissive dynamic is enhanced with the age gap.

Would love to chat about this

i saw your response to my story, sorry i havent been on in a long time, I am an older man and want exactly what you want as well, you wanna chat??

sounds delightful! :)

hi, i love ur story n am better than richard, lol and yes i would soo make six chilren w u if our chemistry is great...u sound so really good...can we connect/chat? i am carpenterjim65 on yahoo ..plz?

Um, I'm not Richard Gere (or gay).... but otherwise...

I'd come down on make 2 incredible babies and put your energies into them. First there are enough humans. Second, you really cannot give children the attention they want when you have more than 2. Third, two of them bond more deeply.<br />
<br />
What you need though are 6 men to assist each other with your daily triple penetration.<br />
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Are sort of what I am thinking.

Not exactly Richard Gere, but not Quasimodo And 100 per cent horny, very fertile Irishman. Let's chat babe.

Girl ,6 babies and an older man - that's almost a kinder garden :)

LOL I know... Now that you mention it lol

wow so lucky the man you will marry ha and yes sometimes you will find a man who wanted to have babies.

I would love to be able to make your dreams *** true!

if you don't mind me asking.....what was your family like growing up as a little girl ?<br />
<br />

Hey Sweetheart I almost look like Richard Gere and I still can give you somthing that can make 6 babies .....just think about it then let me know........kisses

Nice story. Shame about that pond! :D

I would love to make your dreams come true and more if we could work it out to get together.I would love to have kids and love kids and love to play with the kids as well .