I like the fact that most* older men know what they want & don't play games.
Of course, there's older men that act worse than most teenagers too.
But i like to be controlled, & i'm much more likely to obey an older man, than i am a man my own age.
babylove13 babylove13
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its wrong to think of a male of your age or lower as MEN... This is a misconception that has set in.. For e.g. With respect to a child, A teacher for instance is a MAN, irrespective of the gender, for they hold a superior or commanding position.

Hi Babylove13,
You sound like your looking for a mature man, how old will you go? I am just asking.

I dont think I have one.

I agree so much I find it much more natural to obey an older man. I could not imagine being punished by a man of my age.

Me either, lol.
I'd be pissed if someone my own age tried anything like that.

Listen to these guys. Babylove13, do any of these guys have what it takes to be a real Dom?

Well since it takes more than a comment on a story to determine that, I don't know.
Don't freaking be rude.

Pretty and what’s to be with an older man and have him control her! What more could an old man as for!! Oh yes your location and a way to link up. (LOL) You are a hot young lady!

Would love to chat with you sometime. Add me, so we can.

Smart woman.


I'll keep it to myself. I'm here if you ever want to talk...

maybe controlled by an older black man..?

I prefere young women as they are more exciting when it comes to sex.<br />
add me please-:)

have you ever been owned...if not do you like the thought of being owned by an olderman..?

I have been owned, yes Sir.

good girl...tell me some of the things your master had you do!

some of us like younger girls they mind better add me

Sounds lovely. The men that are in your life are very lucky indeed.