Old Men

I'm 16 and I LOVE older men. I've always been attracted to older men ever since I can remember. I would love for one to **** me in my tight ****. The older the man, the better.
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16 Responses Jun 15, 2012

Hi sweetie, I'm 55. Wanna let me do you?


I messaged you but never herd back.

This 60 year 0ld bear wants to **** your **** now! So bend over babe!

would love this to be me.....

I'm 60.

I'm here and waiting, just for you :)

I'd love to oblige you.

Fabulous sweetie

This 68 year old man would like to see some photos of what you have to offer.

would you like this dirty 49 year old man on top of you I would you like to get on top of this dirty old man

Hi, <br />
Will have to chat on yahoo as it won't let me send messages to you

reach me out dear

I just love a naughty lil girl

62 and 30 down below. XOXO I apply for the position.

tempting teen girls ::)) how to you look like ?