Older men are so yummy. Ever since I can remember I've been attracted to older men. Around ten years old I always wanted the high school boys, then in high school I wanted the 20-30 year old guys, but now that I am older...nothing has I seem to only be attracted to men that look at least 40.
My husband is only a few years older than me, now he's attractive...but I can't help what turns me on. I'm trying to not physically ACTUALLY cheat, but it's hard. I always want what I cant have...I think about it every time I go to the store or anywhere and I see some 40-50 year old man...god I just want to ask him to please **** me in the parking lot. I don't do that ever because I'm too shy to try.
Mmmm I love to go grocery shopping by myself so I can freely check out all the DILFs and put them in my spank bank. Sometimes it doesn't even matter what they look like, glasses/no glasses, short/tall, hot/average...doesn't matter as long as he looks old enough. Most of the time when I catch an older man looking at me I'll give that sexy 'yes...I'd **** you' look, then...mmmm...then I get that smile. YUM.
Older, dominate men are the only men I fantasize about now.

A few months ago I couldn't take it anymore and started chatting with an older man I met on another website, we exchange pictures and fantasies but nothing physical...yet. He beyond excites me. I ********** to him and all the other men I have stashed away in my mind all the time. Even when I **** my husband, I'm usually thinking about some older guy I just had the pleasure of seeing.'s almost as if these men are everywhere...just teasing me. They don't even know how wet they make me just standing there...just being a man... ;)
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Very nice. Would love to be one of the lucky guys that get your attention.

When i was very little strange women use to come up to me and run their fingers through my hair telling me i had such beautiful shinny hair. Later when I actually started slowly going grey at the age of 12 i felt they had cursed me. LOL. I started coloring over it in my late teens and until just now i never had any reason to go salt and pepper. ;-)

Mmm...yes, go back natural. It's very sexy.

Your human. I had the same feelings as you about women in their forties since I was a teenager.

I know I am so attracted to older man too. When I see an older guy I just want them to **** me right in that moment.

I am an older guy and the younger women keep hitting on me<br />
It's great but I hAve to have check on age sometime not sure what's going on