What's Not To Like?

They are.....something, aren't they? I like younger men just fine, they're fun. But older guys hold special places in my sex-crazed-heart. The way they stared at me, just burned burned burned, set my body to flame. The way they touched, not just to feel you up, but to feel you. The light glide through your skin, a teasing kiss, firm griped on your hip, a spank here and there because they f*cking naughty like that.

And the sex. The sex are the best part.

Sensual but frantic, calm but desperate, confident but so tender, and a soft kiss there and everywhere. They were everywhere. Your lips, neck, breasts, tummy, thighs, pu*sy Before, during, and even after, they played with you pu*ssy. Slow till you whined your release or fast till you wailed and screamed like a mother fuc*er. But those *ucker get off of that too. They liked to hear you beg. Beg his name, beg and yell and scream. They'd pound and thrust and slam their co*k in you like a.....mad men.
That's what they are.
CookieMonster90210 CookieMonster90210
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 23, 2012

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