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I want to know what it's like to give yourself completely to someone who is wiser and more experienced.
converselyblue converselyblue 18-21, F 15 Responses Jul 17, 2012

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talk to hughgo i will tell u hun

...lead us not into temptation... :p


Before you hand yourself completely over, make sure it's a mutually beneficial relationship... that he is also doing the same, versus enjoying the status of having a "sweet young thang" hanging off his arm as a trophy.

I am currently in that exact predicament haha..

Well, I'm glad you read "The Four Elements", so you can keep him honest. ;)

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well i dont always know about the wiser part but the more experianced is mostly true and we tend to make sure our women are taking care of in the sex department making sure you get what you need its not just a wam bam thank you mam

I think both men and women can benefit from the experience of being in a relationship with an older adult .

it would be a nicer experiance for u ... if he is serious and a gentle man... your life will be beautiful

Get to know me... and you will know yourself...

Just because some one is older does not mean they will act their age or are any wiser or intellectually gifted in any way. I would teach you things that i know but would also like to be taught things that you know. never give up on learning, once you do your live is over.

I understand that. I'm saying this, assuming they do act their age.

I tell you something , if I had a young teen girl or young women I would be praying that she finds some guy at least 15 years older then her. As a parent I would sleep better :)

Yeah right.

And wise old men want you too

I'm an older guy and I'd love for you to give yourself to me. I would pleasure immensely.

blue - you can speak to others, but each has their own experience. The best wisdom I can give is to find One you connect with, One you are willing to explore yourself with and ensure He is willing to take the time to explore with you. you will never be able to give of yourself completely until that right connection is made.

hello, i think you are a good girl. god had created this wonderful universe and you are lucky to be in this planet called earth. suppose you are not born, you missed this beautiful universe. so be happy, and our life is just a fragments of a second when compared to the universe age. so use this time happily , enjoy. dont bother colour of ur skin, ethnic back ground or age;;;;;;;;;smile and relax

lmao ... I HOPE you're not a good girl =)

Talk to me girl....

only one way to know...try it and see. Someone elses description might be light or heavy compared to your own experience because no 2 peoples likes and dislikes are exactly the 2 girls will experience the exact same feelings of pleasure even if its the same guy

just because somebody is older they are not always wiser. Some people do the wrong thing over and over again. Find someone who has learned.

What age range are you interested in?