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I Want To Be Clear

Just to clarify, when I say older men I mean men that are substantially older than me. For instance, someone 20 years older is only 38. So for other people 38 could still be considered young.
collegegirl17 collegegirl17 18-21, F 9 Responses Jul 31, 2012

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I'm here for you, doll.

well. I'm 50, have a 19yo friend with benefits! Its the most awesome sex for both of us! So I think the secret is out - us older guys know what we're doing!! B btw, I just added you - hope you add me too!

What's the oldest you'd go?

older as long as it includes maturity is always better...

Hmm nice.. now if i could find a woman in NYC ..

OK. This older man is over that. Please add me.

will 58 do?

im 35 baby

LOL, maybe you should add on your profile anyone under 38 you don't want (hehehehe)