Senior ****

I've always loved older men (beginning with my Grandpa) so I tend to flirt with them a lot, flash my **** etc. to see if I can get anything to grow in their pants ... lol A couple of months ago I hit the jackpot when I sat down on a park bench next to a senior man. I was wearing a short, stretchy skirt with a thong underneath it and a loose strappy top with no bra. My **** are a G cup but very firm and as I thought about the old guys crotch my nipples got hard and pointy. I turned towards him to make sure he could see them and started chatting about the weather and stuff, crossing my legs and moving my body so my **** swayed under the top ........
There was movement in his crotch and he put his hands over it to hide it so I stood up and said I was going to get a coffee at the cart and could I bring him one back. I did my sexiest walk to and from the food cart and when I got back I bent over to hand him his coffee and he got a great view of my ****. I asked him if he liked them ..... he said yes and could he touch them .... so I said yes ... lol but maybe we should find somewhere a little less public. We walked to a bench that was further from the road and he sat down and I stood in front of him and lifted my top so he got a really good look at my beautiful **** with their erect nipples and he leaned forward and put his hands on them, massaging and tweaking the nipples. I opened my legs and leaned forward a bit so he could put his mouth on one and suckle while his hand went to my open crotch and found my very wet and willing hole.
I opened his zipper and pulled out a beautiful, hard **** with pre-*** on the tip and after rubbing and stroking it for a bit I turned around and sat on it, his **** felt so good inside me as I rode him until he groaned and spurted *** up inside me and I rubbed my **** and came almost immediately after him.
He told me that he lived in a retirement home and hadn't had real sex for over 10 years ..... I told him that he could have it as often as he wanted for the next 10!
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8 Responses Sep 6, 2012

I'm old with a hard ****. **** me

Would love to meet a lady like you, susie. I'm willing and available.

such a good girl to give him that and continue... bet he is glad he is at that home now.. he may bring friends :)

you are such a sweet woman :) and he was sooo happy

Us older men certainly appreciate women like you, would be lucky to have someone like you flirt with me.

I am 57 approaching the "senior years" every passing day...I thank u for ur lusty attitude for the senior guys!

You go, girl!! Where does the line form?

I love it! ******* old men is great, but that must have been really ******* great? You rock!!