Have You Done It

I would like to hear from girls that have ****** a older man and how much oldewr and how was it
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6 Responses Sep 7, 2012

I don't know if it counts, but my daddy starting ******* me when I was about 3, and he was like 35.

I am 19 and have had sex with guys in there forties. I am kinda seeing two guys casually atm and one is in his forties. For me the answer is simple, to the older guy I am young, tight, bald and horny. To younger men i am just horny and they don't appreciate the rest of me like the older guy does. Maybe not the best explanation but I am sure this goes some of the way to explaining the situation.

When I was a teenager I was with a man twice my age. It was a lot of fun, a lot of experimenting. Now I am with a man 9 years older then me, and he knows how to please a female!

Just had a relationship with a man 18 years my senior ...it lasted a year and it's been over for over a year....I was 37.... I enjoyed it immensely

I was about 13 when i found that a 35 year old man wanted to **** me. A few yrs ago i ****** a 62 yr old and he was great. I am married to a 50 yr old man now and i'm only 37.

I've only been with a few guys my age and none of them get me as wet as an old man licking my **** or ******* my ****.