Beats Me.

I think I am a peculiar soul. I know this sounds....far fetched coming from myself, and that it's really not that unusual to like men of a certain age.
I feel that I am often misunderstood and have a strange sense of everything and a very open mind. I've always hung around people way out of my age range ever since I was a child. I'd rather have lunch with my teacher than with my classmates (she was nice , wonder if she's still teaching). I just never understood people my age I feel not superior, but different to them.
I remember my first crush, my puppy kind of cute innocent crush. He was probably in his late 20 to mid thirties, and he treated me very nicely, he was tutoring for a friend of mine. Then I fell for this teacher of mine, an egg being stomped hard on concrete and then being fried in the sun. Ever since, I never looked to boys my age, I just don't. The men I date are at least 10 years older than me.
My teacher once suggested I had issues with my father, or maybe I liked his position of authority, but the true reason, quite frankly, beats me.
Zarifa Zarifa
18-21, F
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I don't think it's so complicated as daddy issues, but some women prefer a guy that treats them well, and is less concerned about themselves. Older guys, through experience, have learned how to treat a woman properly, and listen to them, instead of talking. Younger women are usually attracted to older men, take it from an older man.

Because we are sexy,know how to treat a woman, make you feel like a lady, & feel like a **** in the sack, & always deliver satisfaction. We don't play games, we can converse in an intelligent manner, can be funny & have more wisdom. You want more?

I'm a guy in the mid 50's although I really don't count numbers or age because time doesn't know what it is. I just see the soul in front of me.

I don't see anything wrong with this so long as you are safe and aren't using each other. Age isn't a barrier in my opinion the ability to relate and have common interests tends to be the biggest ones in my book.

& why not use each other? That is what relationships are.

sounds great you always like older guys thats ok if you want to talk fine contact me

You have a yearning for honest, sophisticated knowledge and and a normal Sexual attraction for mature attractive men! You just need to find the right one because most people are weak and spineless...