It's What They Bring To Your Life!

What I enjoy about older men:

  • They're usually a little quirky. They've had enough years fitting the stereotype, so now they're standing out!

  • As a consequence, they are more comfortable about themselves. This comes off as a true sense of confidence, not fake airs.

  • They are definitely more experienced! Not only in seduction techniques, but also elsewhere! ;)

  • They understand your motives. More or less often, they can relate to what you want to achieve in life and your life goals. Saying that you want to change the world through helping people, promoting science and being inspirational doesn't put them off; in fact, it turns them on!

  • They give you space. Sometimes, too close is too close. Too many young men get overcome by their need to show excessive affection. These men know how important silence and space is!

  • They know what's important in life, and they aren't chasing after the superficial, half as much as before.

  • They have knowledge and wisdom. Conversations can be at least vaguely intelligent and stimulating!

  • Their sense of humour is well-developed. Enough said.

  • Their sense of dress is not wack. For instance, their pants are not on the floor, and they aren't wearing 10 sizes too large shirts hanging off their arms. They wear sensible, fitting clothes. Kudos to them!

  • They understand and appreciate your liveliness and passion for life.

  • They love intimacy and enjoy sexual openness.

Really, ladies, if you have a choice, go for the older ones! They simply have much more to offer! ;)
fastsandslash fastsandslash
18-21, F
3 Responses Nov 2, 2012

thank you for that well said don't listen to that response from misszaskia some people just don't understand us

Yer gonna be soooo disappointed..... They just aren't that perfect...... With me it's an honest perversion. Have no unreal expectations.......

Hehehee, my partner fits those traits, hence the bold statement. ;)

You have good ones in any agegroup. Same as with ********......

Thanks for the ego boost. :-) Darn it that sexual performance trend is inverse to the development of these personality traits! :-(