Really Attracted to Old Men

I don't know why, I just get really turned on by older men...the older the better. It has nothing to do with their money, I think it's just a kinky thing...

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Your story makes me smile.

Perfect I have always loved younger women, the younger the better. We should experience each other. friend me

What a good girl you are :)

im free

Nothing wrong with that, I'm 51, add me if you wanna chat or have some fun

Tht'sbecause as we age we learn to please women the right way. No more raging hormones. Sex and love have meaning

i can say i feel the same way, but i think its better when they are caring & really looking to grow & learn although you are younger. i just have a problem with the fact that a older man may have had alot of sexual experiences, i kinda feel like im another one on their roster, i think i would like a older man that hasnt been promiscuos.

you described me!...iover 50 and only had 2 partners...not even a one night stand!

I don't believe its just a "kinky thing". I have always gone after younger girls, even in school. None of the girls my own age would pay any attention to me, but the younger ones all loved me

I know how you feel. None of the guys my age would pay any attention to me, so it made me feel outcasted and like something was wrong with me, but then guys that were either younger, but primarily older than me, would want to date me. So I guess it makes sense then.

i think am older.

would love to help you out!!

yeh its kinda more into it

Dont worry lightpainter, theres plenty of us around! i may only be 18, but i totaly get wayyyy more turned on by a "dinosaur" like u checkin' me out, than i ever do by someone my own age ;)

I am guessing this is not for real or somewhere in

look a were im getting older by the min.and im all about u younger gals maybe we should get together.

Please contact me at your next opportunity?

Nice to see that not everyone thinks us old guys are total dinosaurs. Maybe just partial.

I like young women so I guess it goes both ways.

Right ! The first time I did it was at first in a hurry then later he started to take his time which made it more excited man the things they do and make feel ! They do care and they are nothing compared to men ur own age!

so whats wud be concider to old for you ??

cant wait till i get old i can get one of u babs.

Even with it being just a middle aged man it's such a turn on because they have more experience and it's easier to get along with them. That probably just me but...

you are perceptive. we are kinky and our experience is what sets us apart from the boys. ur sexy and smart babe. growl xo peter

IT IS kinky. The fact that an older man would go for a younger girl, that perhaps has or had a wife, or a girlfriend. In my opinnion anyways.

and we aren't jealous or possessive either. We just admire the work nature allows us to have fun with.

I think all women should like older guys

I'm a older man and I love to help younger woman understand there sexualality and help her experience all the pleasure her body has to offer.. ; )

You think it'is kinky to fall for older men? xW

Mmm me too.. The older the better just a plain hot sex thing..

Good for you, Jed, may you do as well when you are 68. I hope you will write to this link again 20 years from now and have the very same results. All good wishes to you...from my POV 48 looks kinda young, /;-))

im 48 and ive gone out with younger women several times, all of them have approached me, and thnat makes me feel better about myself, also i have never asked a younger woman out before, it makes me feel strange to ask a young girl out, they have been between the ages of 18 and 23, it was fun ,and i guess they got what they were looking for aswell..

Bless your sweet Southern heart, Jezebel. I really like the part where you said "...older men are sexier, more attentive, and better in bed!" Older men of the world salute you....and are really greatful for the recognition.

You make me happy that you know what you like.

Awww, you're just so sweet, my friend :)

You say that like its a bad thing! lol Older men are sexier, more attentive and better in bed!

Thanks Laydee, you've made my day!!

Many younger women like the older guy experience. As an older guy (66) I know that when I am with a younger woman in a sexual situation I treat her with respect, keep her pleasure first in my mind, and know that I can give her the best O's that she has ever had.

I have always been attracted to older men , Not all older men , but those who carry them selfs proud . Money is not even a issue , what i enjoy is the respect that some seem to show . At the age of 19 my first older man was 57 . I found him to be the most exciteing man i have ever met . He took his time and showed me how much he cared for the way i felt and we talked and luaghed and yes we had sex , and it was incrediable . I literly passed out from pleasure ( just briefly ) But i never knew that could happen . So my hats off to you older men who realy care and not just wanting a trophey . XXXXXXXOOOOOOO Molly

Being an older guy (54) I find that I attract women younger than my daughter which is 32 and she being licensed counselor tells me I am delussional if i think young women really think of sex when they are with me. I disagree completely, the women in their late 20's to early 30's tend to enjoy the fact that I like the trip ever bit as much as the final destination.. hours and hours of foreplay sometimes, where younger guys are only interested in getting in and getting off.I enjoy experiencing their half dozen ******* as I know where all the buttons are... and when they think they cant possibly go again, they do when i enjoy that last drive home and complete the trip. I am not hung, i am a little chubby but i love giving oral pleasure! Older women have lost that passion and zest and free spirit of fun.. sorry ladies! The younger girls have my vote as the perfect sex partners and they come back often for more.

old is kinky.<br />
I.m old so I must be kinky.<br />
<br />
Sorry to disapoint but old is allways kinky, and I think that as I get older my sexual desire get better and they do have a kinky side.<br />
<br />
Like wanting to suck a guy while his wife watches.<br />
<br />
Or just to have sex with more than one person at a time

Werwwere have you been the past five years.

There are worse things I can think of.... :-)

As an older guy (58) I'm enamored with the younger women (35 to 40). I just love being with them.

I agree!!!!!!!

Yes you had the very right feelings for the older man! Its sure that they inspire girls like you. Infact matureness make olders to be liked. I do have many girls as my friends ranging from 35 - 68. Hope you can also enjoy my friendship. I am 58.

Me too, I find their experienced in so many more ways than guys my age or younger. I wish I would've been more aware of this prior to the handful of immature boys I was with in HS and early college. But better late than never!

Well we older guys know also that you are in your sexual prime right now as well (30-35). Which is also very exciting!!

What is kinky about it?

Nothing at all; we older guys know what we are doing and love doing it. We also apreciate the opportunity to have the company of a younger woman from time to time.

THat is one good thing about getting older,more distinguish

I totally agree here! Older man don't play games like young men can. They do have a better sense of confidence too. I think older men are my curse! lol.....

Older men "carry" themselves with better confidence. I find the same appears in men with more financial security. And where older men might not have the youthful zest in bed, they certainly have the more experienced hands, tongues, um... well... you get the drift! =P

wait a minute !we don't have "youthful zest in bed?" My grilfriend and i have sex three times a day or more -i am very energetic when she is naked !! we go for hours untill she cannot take ******** anymore and passes out with a big smile on her face !!!!!

no arguements here....