A Widower's Tale

I am eighty five and a widower. It's been five years and I have discovered that not only has my life changed: I have changed. I can't explain it and I can't entirely accept it.
I have no desire to find a new lady:For fifty-six years I had the best and I can't risk having my life turned upside down again. I find that more and more, I want to spend time with male friends. I have had three "best" friends but all have passed on now. It would be so great to have some man near my age to share my thoughts and experiences with but in these five years it has been impossible to find a new friend, to say nothing about developing a relationship where we could exchange those secret thoughts and longings that come with being a widow. I am not a pervert and I am not dead. Although I am 85, I think and feel like 45.
It's a l onely life.
remiclud remiclud
70+, M
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

So sorry you're not a pervert. You'd been so in my fave agegroup.........