A Trick And A Treat

I used to live in a very tight knit comunity when I was growing up. Both my Mum and Dad were very popular and had many friends. Especially my Dad he was very popular and had people stopping by out house for chats most nights of the week.

There was one very special friend of my Dad's, his name was Willie, a very refined well mannered man. He spent a lot of time at our house when I was growing up and was always very affectionate towards me.

I think I was about 16 when I started to feel sexually attracted to Willie and by then he was well in to his fifties. There was so many things I found attractive about him, his height, stature, manners, his smile, just about everything really.

I thought at the time I was imagining it, but he too had sexual feelings for me, I could just sense it whenever he looked at me, I could see it in his eyes. He was lusting after me and I was dying for him to make a move on me, I wanted to lose my virginity to him, but it didn't happen for some time.

As I said, I lived in a very comunity spirited area growing up and we always had fun as a comunity. Any excuse for a party really. The local church was putting on the halloween party as they always did and I decided that it would be my last year dressing up as I was now 17 and felt like I was getting too old for all of that.

I decided to go out with a bang and I bought one of those sexy little red riding hood outfits from a cheap shop in town. I intended to turn heads at the church party, but the one head I wanted to turn was Willie's and it worked.

I teased and taunted him with my little outfit and it was obvious that I was turning him on. Later when eveyone was drunk and having fun, he sugested we sneak away over to his house and I almost wet my panties on the spot. His wife Ira, was one of the volunteers at the church so there was no chance of us getting caught.

He left and I followed him over five minutes later. I'll never forget that lusting look on his face as he opened the door to me. He'd changed, gone was the well mannered Willie and out came the nasty sexy Willie that I never knew existed. He pulled me through to the dining room and lifted me up on to the table. He pulled my dress up, removed my panties and before I knew what was happening he was pounding his **** into my *****. It was agony for a second and he came in no time. I thought it was over after he filled me with ***, but I was wrong, he ****** me from behind and was very rough about it. I didn't even *** or get much pleasure from it, but I'm glad it was Willie that took my virginity.

We continued having sex for about a year and it did get better, much better, but since then Ive had a thing for older men. Im shagging a guy that's 62 right now, he's my neighbour and I'm so enjoying it. I hate his wife though lol.

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Dec 10, 2012