Yes, She Does!

Frankly, my wife is open to having fun with men and boys of any age, as long as they have the right attitude about sex. She has been with men old enough to be her father and young enough to be a grandson!  She's very versatile!!!

Many years ago, an older man would come to the office where my wife worked and stand to the side until he could be next in line for her. He was suggestive at times, but she politely refused his invitations. After a couple of years of this, I told her it was fine with me if she wanted to spend a little time with him, so she had lunch with him to see his intent. She invited him to our home to see how he could perform. He ate her ***** very well, but could no longer get his **** hard enough to ****. She sucked him off without much effort and that became their routine. After their first time, I'd usually join them and **** her while she sucked him off.

He got accustomed to seeing us nude whenever he came to visit, so we quit bothering to put on anything.  Many times, he'd drop by just to get away from home for a while, whether he wanted to play with my wife or not.  At least once a week, he would ask me if it was OK for him to spend time with my wife and I'd always say yes, of course.  Other times, he just wanted to watch me eat her ***** until she came, then **** her until I shot my *** on her tummy.  Although he couldn't **** her, my wife had a good time with him knowing how much he appreciated her attention.
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love the story thank you for sharing Iam my driver and I travel to your area and would love to have coffee with you and your wife 1 day

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Nice story, love your's and your wife's attitude about nudity and sex. I have often had day dreams about my wife being kind to an older gentleman such as in your experience, except I hope he could stil have an errection so they could ****.

That happened before Viagra. If it had been available, no doubt he would have gotten some and been able to **** her! ;-)