Why I Like Older Men

Older men have always men more caring. They always seem to put my needs first. Even during sex they always make sure I'm satisfied first. The older the better :)
Payton1989 Payton1989
22-25, F
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You know it!

I wish you were with me

very ture. we want to make sure you are happy and get yours before we do, because if you are getting your climaxes then you are more relaxed and it only makes it even more intnense and better for both parites.

Love you, Payton! Like the others here, we have learned to take care of a woman. Older men realize that's not all about them -- and giving is just as good as receiving. You, like some other younger women -- are mature beyond your actual age. It's great to find them. Unfortunately, a lot of women your age......act even younger than they are.

Your story is true Payton. It is my practice always to put a woman's needs first especially including sex. I find during sex that by devoting my undivided attention to her and making sure she is beautifully gratified and satisfied first, is ultimately rewarding for me. In any event by virtue of that approach the desire for the lady implodes enormously culminating in a fulfilling experience for the both of us. Your style is admirable Payton. You are all class.
Thank you for sharing your story.

Right on,Payton.