The Third Chronicle Of Jenni Pt.2

The car stopped. Everything was suddenly so quiet and still. She could hear birds singing in the trees which lined the street and that of her short breath and nothing else. She looked at Mr.Robinson’s house and then to Tom. He was grinning and he reached up and cradled her chin in his hand and then eased it back through her hair and down to her neck. She shivered with his touch and her heart fluttered as she remembered how she was naked beneath the long over-coat. The alcohol that he had plied her with was still coursing through her, warming her and stifling her rational thoughts and she could still taste his penis in her mouth.
The street was empty and so he got out and opened the passenger door, holding Jenni by the arm and escorting her up the garden path to the door of Mr.Robinson’s post-war semi which positioned on the side elevation of the house.
Tom rang the bell and the door opened, albeit with the security chain on. A suspicious and edgy Mr.Robinson peered through the gap at them.
“Listen, l don’t want any trouble, l didn’t know they would sack her but it is my right to complain when the kids don’t do as they should with my newspaper, now please leave me alone!” he said shakily.
Tom wedged his foot in the door, “you misunderstand Mr.Robinson, l am not Jenni’s father, l am l guess you could say, her Guardian, her Master even”.
“Go on”.
“Jenni admitted how rude and stupid she behaved to me so l thought l would bring her here so that she may apologise to you properly”, Tom nudged Jenni forward and motioned for her to speak.
She looked up at Mr.Robinson through the gap in the door at his nasty face and said “l’m really sorry Sir, l was rude and stupid, please forgive me”.
He looked down at her coat which showed off a scandalous amount of bare neck and fantasy stirred within him.
“You were really rude and really stupid!” he spat.
Tom nudged her again and she reluctantly admitted as much.
“Ok well that’s all well and good Mr.Robinson but when l said l wanted her to apologise properly, l didn’t mean just with words” he whispered in Jenni’s ear and she went pale and her heart began to pulse hard. Mr.Robinson noticed this and intrigue stirred him.
“I would like to offer you a ******* sir as a mark of my sincere apology”.
Mr.Robinson laughed a nervous laugh, “this is a trap, you want me to open the door and then your Dad here will thump me! I’m not an idiot you know!”
“I am not her Dad and the offer is quite real” Tom assured him.
After a few moments of silence in which Mr.Robinson tried to think straight without the thought of young flesh flashing through his dirty old mind he spoke up:-
“Go through the side gate to the back patio” he instructed them and Tom took Jenni’s arm and they went into the private back garden and stood infront of the patio doors. Mr.Robinson stood facing them, arms crossed cynically.
“Ok then, if you’re for real my girl, take off your coat” he snorted.
Jenni looked to Tom, almost pleadingly, imploring him to take her away from this debasement. But Tom gestured for her to comply and stood resolute, doing well to disguise his arousal.
Jenni turned back to face Mr.Robinson and undid the coat, shrugging it from her bare shoulders and letting it fall behind her revealing her fully exposed nakedness in all of its glory. She watched his face light up and he stepped as close to the fully glazed patio doors as he could get, almost colliding with it with his nose.
“Turn around” he said, drooling. She turned her back to him. “Now bend over” he barked from indoors. She just knew it. But she was now beyond despair, beyond caring. She bent over, feeling her firm smooth bum cheeks part, showing him all of her before standing upright again and slowly turning back to face him.
“Ok, you two may come in, but so that l can be sure you aren’t her Dad, only Jenni is allowed in first” he said, looking to Tom who held up his hands and took several steps backwards onto the lawn. Jenni again turned to Tom pleadingly but Tom just smiled at her reassuringly. Jenni used her facial expression more theatrically to emphasise to Tom her displeasure, but Jenni’s heart was pounding now and she had that feeling between her legs and deep within her chest, that naughty feeling that she had only recently been allowed the freedom to experience, that feeling that was becoming all too familiar to her now, the feeling that makes her lose her inhibitions in a sea of lust, locking her dignity and purity away, only to be released later when she would back home again, alone in her bedroom, dealing with the feeling of guilt and shame. She knew all this, infact, in that moment it was all so crystal clear. But she knew she can handle the regret and shame because she knew those emotions were only temporary and that pretty soon the much stronger emotion of excitement and desire for naughtiness and all things forbidden would soon come back to the fore. So that although she was outwardly protesting, in her heart she knew that she didn’t want this roller-coaster of new sexuality to be halted. She was merely for the most part putting on a show of resistance in order to satisfy what her head was telling her was the correct way to behave in this situation in relation to imposed societal norms. Which she knew she detested more than anything, for it was society and all of its fake rules and restrictions and pointing fingers and power-hungry annoying adults, teachers and parents (kids at school as well!) that had made Jenni feel so lost and disconnected from everything in the first place and was in no small way responsible for how things with Tom were turning out. This is not to say that all of this rhetoric went through her mind in that moment in so clear and concise a way as it has just been written, but the feelings running rampant through her young body communicated all of this truth to her none the less and she sighed and turned back to her fate.
Mr.Robinson quickly opened the patio door and gripped Jenni by her upper arm, pulling her inside all the while staring suspiciously at Tom who didn’t move an inch until the patio door was slid shut and bolted once more, at which point Tom stood close to the door in time to watch how he turned to Jenni and began to greedily grope her naked young body, his hands in her hair and over her shoulders and the soft skin of her back, then across her pert breasts, taking time to squeeze then and thumb her erect nipples, jiggling them and chuckling gleefully to himself like a child who has been left behind in a toy-store after hours. Then his hands lowered to her tummy and her thighs and her firm bum which he slapped and pulled apart disrespectfully with no thought given to her dignity as he started rubbing his hand up and down her crack, making her rise to her tip-toes and grip his shoulders as the exploitation of her sensitivity began, culminating in him rubbing her neat young ***** and after only a few moments of fascination with her clitoris and lips he was soon fingering her mercilessly. As he did so he turned to watch Tom and after a few more minutes he was seemingly satisfied that this was genuine, which parent could willingly endure seeing a man like him do this to their child? He left Jenni standing there in a state of shock as he unlocked the patio door and allowed Tom inside.
“Thank you” he told Mr.Robinson before turning to Jenni, “now get on your knees to show how apologetic you are sweetie!”
Jenni dropped measuredly to her knees and awaited her fate as he removed his trousers and took out his dirty old semi-erect penis, holding it like a dirty weapon, allowing himself a few moments to **** until it glistened with sweat and his **** juice before walking to her and feeding it into her mouth.
“Yes! Taste it and suck on my **** you rude stupid little ****!”
Jenni felt his big salty **** enter her mouth and the taste filled her head immediately. She looked up at him as she began to suck, her hands resting on her thighs as his hand held the back of her head and he manoeuvred his **** around her mouth with his free hand. She could feel his **** throb and with each throb it hardened and grew until it was as rigid and hard as an iron rod. At this point he placed both hands on her head and manipulated her head to his will, staring down at her with his wicked grin. Rolling and bobbing her head onto him as she obliged by sucking and playing her tongue around his tip and gripping well with her soft petal lips.
As she looked up at him after a few moments of sucking his grin changed to shock and his body tensed and his *** began to spurt into her mouth and down her throat. His grip on her head tightened and his tense body shook creating a very short but rapid ******* motion of his **** into her mouth. His shock turned to disbelief and euphoria as he watched this gorgeous young thing take his ***** whilst even continuing to suck. He realised he had been holding his breath and then a huge gasp and moan of pleasure erupted from him and he soon regained control and started to thrust happily into her mouth, bringing his hands up on his waist.
“You filthy little *****, you’ve swallowed all my ***** down haven’t you?”
“Umhmmm” replied Jenni.
“You stupid little ****, not so rude and sassy to me now are you *****?”
“Ummumm” she replied. He laughed and then sat down in a satisfied flop on the cheap sofa beside the patio doors allowing Jenni to relax and wipe her mouth.
“You didn’t last very long there Mr.Robinson” said Tom as he sat at the dining table observing with great pleasure, “that hardly even constitutes a proper apology in my eyes”.
“That’s true, l completely agree! A good **** should settle it!”
Jenni looked from one man to the other nervously, kneeling there naked and on full display.
“I’m afraid not, only l get to **** her” informed Tom.
“Well we could say that that ******* was an apology for not putting my newspaper through the letterbox fully….”
“Ok...” replied Tom
“So now she needs to give me another ******* to apologise for kicking my plant-pot!”
“That sounds fair doesn’t it Jenni?”
“Yes sir” said Jenni as she made her way on all fours, crawling over to Mr.Robinson on the sofa and kneeling between his legs.
“Mmmm you beautiful little *****, are you sorry?” he asked as he pulled on his softened penis infront of her face.
“Yes Mr.Robinson, l’m sorry for kicking your plant-pot” she said in a nervous almost-whisper.
“Well then lick my balls” he demanded.
She obliged, lapping at his big sagging balls.
“Now lick all the way up the shaft….yes nice and slow just like that….all the way to the head….mmmmmm good, now lick that bell-end like a lolli-pop……mmmmmmyes keep it going, especially back and forth over that pee-hole…mmmmmm” he held his **** straight for her with one hand and stroked her silky hair with the other as she pleasured him with her tongue and lips. He watched her, his mind floating with intense pleasure, in a sexual trance, her wet lips slurping on his tip, her warm moist tongue curling around his dirty old **** and teasing his hole, and he beautiful young face too!.......well! Time passed by and when he shook himself from his reverie he wasn’t sure if she had been loving him for five minutes or thirty minutes, all he knew is that he was ready to feel her warm wet mouth envelope him and so he took her head and brought her mouth down on his **** until his **** disappeared, fully inside her young mouth. He had rushed his first *******, but he was determined to enjoy every second of this one and draw it out for as long as possible. He held her there, motionless. Time almost stood still. He watched her there between his legs, her mouth full, motionless except for her blinking eyes. Her tongue massaged his **** as best she could, but that was unobserved, only felt. With every passing minute his **** stiffened and grew a little more until he was again rock hard, at which point he removed his hands from her head, brushed her hair back behind her ears, caressed her pretty face and then lay his hands by his sides.
“It’s all yours now kiddo, suck me off until l shoot in your mouth again”.
She took the cue obediently and started to bob her head on him, wanking him with her lips, from tip to base, steadying herself by resting her arms on his thighs. The silence of the room was now filled with the squelching sound of her wet mouth on his **** and the occasional clucking sound when his tip pressed a bit too far into her throat on her downward bobs. He watched her suck him good and reached down to caress her pert young breasts whilst she did so. Time just rolled on. He was in heaven.
“You filthy little slag-*****, you love sucking my **** don’t you?”
“Ok l am ready to *** you stupid little gorgeous ****, just concentrate on sucking my bell-end now, nice and slow……yes just like that, and don’t stop doing that until l say stop…….”
Her lips were air-tight around him easing back and forth, enveloping his bulbous head over and over again, her tongue working tirelessly and sensually, her mouth sucking hard and soft, mixing it up to enhance his sensations, her eyes fixed on his, passionate moans emanating from her throat.
“And when l ***, you be sure to swallow it all down”.
“Umhmm”He held her soft tender young cheeks, cradling her face, framing her young beauty in his hands as she worshipped his **** and then he could hold back no longer and as he caressed her face his ****** exploded and a huge wad of *** pulsed into her mouth which she gulped down, it knocked her off her rhythm a bit but she quickly recovered the sucking in time to receive 5 or six smaller but more shooting spurts of *** which she also took down her throat. He cried out with joy and thrust a few times hard and deep up into her mouth which she coped with excellently before he relaxed, smiling and shuddering with pleasure and satisfaction as she continued sucking, right through his post-*** stage until he was soft and spent once again and after a few more minutes he waved her away and she flopped back onto the carpet on her bum, her knees now aching and she looked up at him and he looked down at her and he laughed at her.
“I always knew you were a pathetic little *****” he spat with a grin before turning to Tom, “well thankyou for teaching the younger generation how to be with their elders my friend”.
“A pleasure” said Tom, taking his hand out of his trousers. Tom them retrieved the coat that Jenni had been wearing and he helped her up and helped her put it back on. She pulled it around her and slipped her shoes back on while Mr.Robinson stood and showed them towards the door without even bothering to dress himself. When he reached his front door he motioned as if going to open it for them but then he paused in thought.
“You know Tom, Jenni has apologised now for not posting my newspaper properly and also for kicking my plant-pot yesterday”.
“That’s right” replied Tom curiously.
“But l have still had no proper apology for all those times when she purposefully didn’t close my gate after her”.
“I see. You’re absolutely right” said Tom as Jenni leaned in close and gripped Tom’s arm, looking for protection which she knew wasn’t going to come. “But l will have to insist that she apologises in a different way Mr.Robinson, she has already sucked you off twice so l can’t ask her to do it a third time, and remember l can’t allow you to **** her, her other holes are exclusively mine, isn’t that right Jennipher?”
“Yes sir” she said, looking up into Tom’s eyes with the delayed realisation that she was now owned by him. His property. And to her continual amazement, she was happy with this.
“So how do you propose that she apologises this final time Mr.Robinson?” he asked.
“Jenni, do you remember the first time you began to annoy me and l marched up to the Newsagents to complain just as you were returning from your round?”
“Yes sir, you were calling me all sorts of bad names and l got upset”.
“That’s right, and you stormed off like a little brat. Do you remember what you said to me with the shop manager there as witness?”
“Yes sir, but it was only cos l was so upset”.
“What did you say ****?” he pressed.
“I said kiss my bum” she admitted.
“That’s right. You did. And now l would like to make that insult back-fire on you my girl” he turned his back to them and leaned over forward, resting on the side-table in the hall.
“That seems fair” said Tom as he encouraged Jenni forward.
She shook her head and took a deep breath, her head spinning and then she crouched down and held his thighs and placed a tender kiss on her bum, one on each cheek.
“A proper kiss!” Mr.Robinson demanded.
She looked back at Tom but she could see what was expected of her and so she began to French kiss his cheeks. She did this for a while, to his amusement and pleasure before he reach behind him and took hold of her head and pulled her face right into his crack.
“I meant kiss me there you teen *****!”
Tom’s hand went back down his trousers as he enjoyed the new spectacle and both men moaned with pleasure at the sight of Jenni relenting and submitting to her abuse by kissing and licking right up his bum to his delight.
“Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t stop” he kept repeating while starting to **** himself, his **** soon rock hard again with the sensation of an adorable young schoolgirl French kissing his arsehole with two full loads of his *** in her young tummy.
All resistance was gone from Jenni now, she was completely degraded. She submitted to it. She succumbed entirely to the exploitation, pressing her tongue inside his disgusting arsehole and sucking and slurping up and down his crack, kissing and licking in a furious lustful passion. Before she even knew it she was moaning, why was she enjoying this so much? Then she realised her hand had subconsciously found its way between her legs and she was rubbing her wet tingling *****, already her ****** was building. She pressed her beautiful face harder into his bum to get her tongue inside him as deeply as possible.
“Ohhh yesssss! You filthy little tart! Oh that’s nice, keep it right up there! My God! Kids today!” he laughed a maniacal laugh of pure ecstasy. “Tell me to kiss your bum little girl!? Who is licking arse now then eh?” he roared with laughter but his laughter was short-lived, “oh god, l’m going to *** again!” and with that he spun around and rammed his erect **** deep into her mouth and started to face-**** her roughly. She tried to ease the roughness by holding his thighs but he was too strong, besides, the yearning to keep rubbing her ***** was too great so she allowed her hand to go back to her *****, her other hand caressing her left breast through the opened coat, allowing him free reign to pound her mouth with his penis. His balls slapping against her chin, her nose buried in his pubic hair with every in-thrust. His salty taste once more filling her mouth to over-power the sweaty taste of his bum. Her throat having no choice but to allow his tip to force its way inside again and again. His hands gripping her delicate head.
“Yessssssss, ******* right into your mouth! Swallow it all down yesssssssssssss!” he cried out as he delivered his load into her again. She gulped it down again as he continually face-****** her and then her climax took over and she shuddered and moaned with pleasure as it washed over her. She screamed out loud as much as a girl can with a mouth full of a man’s **** and this added such intensity to his ******, he had never *** so much or had such a long intense rolling ****** in all his long life.
Slowly the hallway became quiet again. He released his grip on her head and she obediently continued sucking and licking, cleaning him off until Tom stepped in.
“Now that was an apology!” Tom chuckled as the exhausted Mr.Robinson slumped back against the wall and Tom helped Jenni to her feet and fastened up her coat for her. Her heart still racing and he body still shuddering mildly from the explosive ******, her thoughts all over the place, her head in a whirlpool.
Mr.Robinson made to speak but he was lost for words, so Tom opened the door and took Jenni out into the fresh air, closing the door behind him and walked her, trembling back to his car.
As he drove off he stroked Jenni’s hair, “that was awesome Jenni, you stick with me and don’t ever change and l will look after you, l promise”.
“Yes sir….l will”.
“Good girl. All these experiences make you stronger but let’s not talk about what just happened yet. Sleep on it and we shall have to try to find time together tomorrow if you are able”.
“Yes sir” she was glad about that, firstly, because she didn’t feel up to talking about what had happened, but also because she knew she would be wanting to see Tom again tomorrow too. “But it’s only 5pm sir, my curfew isn’t until 9pm sir”.
“Awww my new girl wants to spend more time with me! She just can’t get enough!” he smiled across at her and stroked her leg. “Unfortunately though l have another appointment tonight so l will have to turn you away”.
The rest of the journey back to Tom’s house was in silence. Once inside he helped her dress and showed her to the door. She wondered how could he be so cruel and treat her like this?
“I would suck you more now sir if you like? If you let me stay?” she blurted out desperately.
He laughed and stroked her hair, “oh my angel, l have another appointment as l told you silly, plus l couldn’t kiss you or let you suck me after what you have just done. So get your firm lil *** home and have a good thorough clean up and we can re-convene tomorrow. Just text me when you are in private and safe to chat and we can arrange something, ok sweetie?”
“Yes sir” she said, dejectedly as she said goodbye and walked out in her summer dress and down his long gravel drive and then home again, to be alone with her thoughts for a while.

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