Why I Need An Older Man

Older Men always provide the best emotional and physical support I have ever had. Being 21, but have a much more mature outlook on life and older men fulfill my needs...in more ways than one. The sex with an older man is INCREDIBLE. Therefore I am looking to chat with 50+ men!
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

I've recently started noticing how many college girls do like older men. My daughter's been bringing many of her g/f home for weekends and it's surprising how many of them flirt with me. Even to the point of purposely walking to the bathroom or bedroom totally nude, seeing me in the hallway and stopping to chat. At first I did not know how to react, now I just act like its no big deal. Having a wife who considers having sex once every couple a months frequent, having this sort of attention is a big confidence builder. Makes all the working out, staying fit, trying to stay in great shape, all worth while. I can only imagine if I did have sex with them, because of my stamina today, I could probably give them multiple ******* as I do my wife. The concept of having sex with a 21 year old, full of energy, is very enticing. Maybe I'd get a chance to fulfill one of my fantasies, being able to be with a woman that can last longer than an hour.