Older Men Vs Younger

In my experience I don't think people change that much in life, but of course depends on the person. With that said, I in general prefer to date older men. I've dated men younger then me and also men over 15 years older than me.
I don't feel like age makes a difference, except that it gives you more experience. I can appreciate a man with experience! even if he is still acts as immature as he did when he was young.
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3 Responses Jan 13, 2013

man at the age of 40 gains full control and maintains duration. he can hold as long as the partners tolerance, ****** is well guaranteed.

I think it is more people are people....some older men will be set in their ways, some will not. Same with younger. Experience does make for nice differentiators at least.

I just tried with an older man and he's just too set in his ways. He felt we were on different wavelengths, and honestly I don't know if I could handle his smoking. I think he just wanted the chance to see my boobs. Well yay.