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It's really all I've ever been with. For me, in order to enjoy sex, there needs to be a connection beyond the physical. I have to like their personality and be able to have an intelligent conversation. If I find them to be an annoyance, then I can't enjoy other aspects. It just so happens that younger men just don't stimulate my mind the way an older man does. So, I'm not attracted to them.

There is just something very sexy about a man's physical appearance when he stops looking like a boy. That is what most men under 30 look like to me, boys. A man doesn't begin to start looking like a man until he is past 30. He gets a bit of wrinkles and a bit of gray in his hair and he then starts looking like a man rather than a boy.

When a man is over 40, he seems to get less selfish when it comes to pleasing others sexually, or at least that has been my experience. They seem to be more perceptive and care about pleasing a woman. Not to mention, usually their skill level is much higher.

There was a time when I thought about trying someone younger. There was a guy that was about five years younger. I was 31 at the time and he was 26. He was a regular at the bar and grill that I worked at. A good friend had told me about his interest and well, he did seem more put together than most men his age. We were going to go out, that is until he came into my employment with his friends. I just couldn't see myself being around people that young and immature on a regular basis.

My husband is actually the smallest age difference that I have been with and he is six years older than me. Most of the men I've been with have been 10-15 years older. It's just what I find physically and mentally attractive.
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Very good story! I could have written that myself. I've tried dating younger men or men my age but it just never works out. They are usually lacking in something. Hard to explain. I need to have that connection too.

I agree

TY for the comment. We hope it is in response to ours. We only wish we could add you nd tell you more and discover more about you.

Your welcome

We have had younger lovers and found that you are right about maturity making a person a better, more attentive and exciting lover.

You are right about us being more interested in pleasing a woman after 30.

I totally agree with you Affinity-girl!!. I for one like the stability and sense older men have. I am a ditz at times but I have never been flighty and was never happy when I was with flighty guys my own age. Most couldn't make a firm decision about anything. Again....they were just young and good guys. I'm still buddies with a couple of my younger day ex's I haven't been with anyone romantically but hubs for the past 14 years but I have no desire to go shopping around now. I think hubs gets sexier each year!! He has a cool white streak that floats down one side of his awesome hair and it just makes me...sorta wiggly....just thinking about it! OLDER MEN ROCK!! ♥

I hope there are many women who think like you do ...... that would give us old(er) guys hope

Some of us younger women happen to have life experiences that make us mature mentally much faster than men our age. Despite that, I believe my father was right when he told me that women mature faster than men. No matter how much older I get, it seems that men my age are immature.

Well, I know it is true in my case, because I have never related to men my age.