18 Year Old Seeking Older Man. 25-55

Hey, I'm only 18 but I'm attracted to much older guys. Anyone wanna text? ;)
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18-21, F
22 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Hello Beautiful, how are you doing, hit me up if you want to chat.

sounds good to me

I'd love to text. Private message me.

If you're real, yes. 35 here. 6'2", bearded, height-weight proportionate, on the muscular side.

let's text !

I'm game, Kitten...

I'm that older guy you like. I'd love us to add each other then chat/get acquainted. Do you have yahoo messenger or skype? Hope we connect. Thanks.

Hey there would love to text with ya. I'm a 25 year old french man with a beard, and i would love to chat with you. Let me know.

Just write here whenever you feel like ;)

Yeh if you are real but doubt it.


Sigh... 2 yrsto old..

Sure thing!

Hi there, I am 56 and would like to do that too.

yes, i would love too

any time you want to talk I am here.

your very beautiful please e-mail me,what is your e-mail,i'm forty three,from england.x

I turn 25 in about a week sweetheart.

How can I "please" you?

Same Here

I wish I acted on my desires and curiosities about men and even old men when I was young and of perfect firm body as you are now. At 31 I am still ravaged like a rare treat by men in 40s 50s and even 60s and like to
Play role of arm candy for them. Then other men of their age get
Jealous of the man I am with. At your age - OMG- you could give these men the heart attacks.

Would enjoy hearing more of your older man exploits.

Would be honored to text with you. If you so desire, please send me message.

Email is: tubenboob@yahoo.
If anyone wants to text then send me a message. ;)