Older Men

I am a woman in my 20s and have always been attracted to older men my first was when I was 16 he was 25 it wasn't perfect but I slowly found as I got older then men I liked were always older men and what I've observed is they are more mature than younger men they care about their woman more they always put my needs before their own unlike younger men ie cooking and cleaning if I ever asked my ex who was only 3 years older than me to do it he always said it was my job he never helped me I was always worn out from doing every thing but my new boyfriend who is 8 years older than me loves to cook for me and help me clean and I also found that in the bed room he is more etentive to my need he makes sure I am satisfied first I av found him to be the best I av ever been with as he always shows me new things and is sweet and loving even if I am not in mood he will just hold me
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A Woman with refined taste! Would be honored if you would add me to your list of friends.

Haha we are pretty good don't you think :)