Older Than Me That Is

I'm not looking for a 70-80 year old unless your one hell of a ****. I like them 5-15 maybe 20 yrs. max older than I am.
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5 Responses Jan 16, 2013

I am the guy for you!

I think we have a match here!!

I'm not a creepy 70 or 80 year old...I'm a creepy 62 year old, but I guarantee you, I am one hell of a ****....and I bet you're no angel either....

I've got one I'd love to share with you and he is very skilled. He is at the higher end of your age bracket, but I can assure you he would rock your world, lil' girl! ; )

Haha...did you see the scene in the " Increadible shrinking Benjamin....?" .can't think of the whole title with Brad Pitt in the movie ? He was the reverse of lmost people. So, when he looked 70, he was really 16 or so. He went into this ********** and noone wanted to **** him becos of how he looked. One ***** did and he ****** her brains out....Great scene.. Your story reminded me of that....