16th Birthday Suprise

It was my 16th birthday and I had a lovely party. All of my friends a family were there making me feel very special. That night my step-dad told me mom he was taking me on a trip for my birthday. We ended up at a hotel in the next town over. I walked into the room and it was beautiful. There were candles everywhere, music playing, and lingerie on the bed. He asked me to put it on. It was a red and black bra with red and black boyshorts. He watched me as I walked around the room looking into every mirror admiring how beautiful and grown up I looked. I sat on the bed and he grabbed a bowl of strawberries. He sprayed them with whipped cream and fed them to me. After the strawberries were gone he blindfolded me and lay me in the middle of the bed. He tied my arms to the bottom of the bed and my legs to the top. I couldn't figure out why, I always figured it should be the opposite. Being blindfolded made everything better, not knowing to to expect felt amazing. Before I knew it he was eating my *****. It felt amazing because he was fingering my g spot at the same time. Being tied the way I was made it impossible to close my legs or push his head away. The only thing I could do was lay there moan and enjoy all of the *******. He began to eat me faster this time while playing with my ****. My body was beginning to feel like I was about to *** and I did but that time it was different. He said "My baby learned how to squirt." I was amazing He got up while I lay there still tied to the bed I could here him undressing. He got back on the bed and entered me ever so slowly. He made slow gentle love to my body and I loved every moment of it. While he was sexing me he untied me so I could wrap my arms and legs around him to pull him inside me deeper. Just when I was enjoying the moment he rolled me over and put me on top. I was on top riding me like there was no tomorrow. He was loving it and he began to pump me from underneath. I didn't want him to get comfortable and *** so I turned around and started riding him in reverse. I put my legs under his and I began slamming my ***** on his **** as hard as a 16 year old could on a grown man. I felt as if I was getting the best of him until he laid me on my stomach laid on my back and started to push deep. His **** felt amazing in that position. He then put me on my knees and started ******* me from the back with his finger in my ***. That did it! I had no choice but to *** and I collapsed. He lay back down on my back and continued to push deep inside my teenage ***** until he filled me up with his ***. After he lay there for a while he took the blindfold off and to my suprise I had been ****** by his boss while my step dad sat in a chair with *** all over his hand and ****. I wasn't upset I crawled over to him and cleaned him up with my mouth. He said "I want you to ride me in reverse later on tonight." While I was cleaning him up his boss said "thank you" and left. Later that night I made love to my step dad two more times.
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thst didn't get me hard it got me rock hard

I really like your stories. You remind me so much of me! :)

Wow....love a twist, especially in the state I was in, and that was wickedly sexy.

How about your mom?

That is so thoughtful of you

beyond jealous!

I wish I had a dau to do this

U r an amazing girl.


Agret story ... thank you :)

The story was great but was it your first time or had it happened before. Perhaps I should save comment until I have read them all.

Sizzling hot erotic story. An unforgettable blistering 16th birthday you are unlikely to ever forget. Your step dad prepared the occasion magnificently culminating with the unexpected surprise of your life when the blindfold was removed that you had been ****** by your step dad's boss. Your step dad obviously enjoyed an explosive session of ************ while watching his boss get off hugely on you. You showed real class by not being upset and then cleaning up your step dad with your mouth. Your teenage ***** giving your step dad's boss luscious gratifying pleasure.
This story stimulated my **** massively Payton and i was shooting pre *** when i finished reading it. It is a captivating story. Many thanks for sharing it.

Wow, Payton. That was amazing. I loved that story.