Teach Me Please...

I have a fantasy about having sex with one of my professors. Sneak around, sexy looks, and being told what to do. I've been a bad bad girl and I need a teacher to put me in my place.
quietlil1 quietlil1
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lets chat


Sitting in the front row and continually flashing me your shaved ***** under your plaid schoolgirl skirt I tell your friends that you have March forth detention. truly a whole month of after school homework will convince You otherwise. Witnesses to your homework will be your closest female friends and other professors with whom you have exposed yourself.However no real essays or printouts will be issued.You will be tied to to a homemade desk and subjected to a progressive stretching of your *****. Your friends will constantly measure how deep and wide your labia will stretch.With their own fingers...

That does happen...maybe more than you think...probably enough to alter the class grade curve

You are late for your extraclass since your essay was late, this will be a loong class for you about etiquett.

Sounds OK to me, Awesome picture by the way. Please add me. Thanks.

Hello quietlil1

I have had affairs with students from time to time. They stop by my office at first, display their cleavage, sit close, ask for help with a paper held right next to their body so I "have" to touch them "accidentally." And they're looking for a man to take control. I love to introduce them to submission. Stop by my office -- we'll make this more than a fantasy!


I've got my paddle right here!

we'll start with you on your knees........ after a firm paddling you naughty lil girl

i teach you how to be a real naughty ****

Spanking is still allowed in my school! I do it over my knee and bare bottom!