My First Time With An Older Man

When I was 16 years old I was crazy about fashion and clothes so my parents told me I had to get a job if I wanted to have these nice things. So me and my best friend starting working around the neighborhood planting flowers in peoples yards and cleaning out there swimming pools. About a block from my house I had this guy that wanted me (just me) to come clean his pool. He would always say "Its just a quick job you can do yourself so you don't have to split your money with your friend". We would charge $25 to clean pools to just get small leaves out so splitting it didn't leave much so i agreed to come alone. He was the only person in the neighborhood that would want his pool cleaned weekly where everyone else was once a month and he would pay me $50 and my friend was so jealous. Eventually it got to the point where there was nothing to clean i would just stand there playing with the pool pole In the water. His wife would say a few times why do you have this girl in the hot Sun working and i would say its OK and tell her why I'm working to earn money. I started noticing he enjoyed watching me out there more than he cared about his pool being cleaned. His wife and kids would be in the house and he had more fun watching me.

So one day while I was out there he came out and complimented me on how nice my outfit was. I thanked him and joked about how he brought it. He rubbed his hand down the side of my satin-like material shorts and said how he wished his wife would wear stuff like this. Each week the flirting got more and more intense and one week he told me they where having a night pool party and he needed the pool cleaned really good. He even asked me if i could set up for the pool party and paid me $100 so i was there the entire evening setting up as people where coming. I heard one of his male friends ask who's the hot chick setting up. It was a big turn out and everyone was drinking. As I was getting ready to leave I looking for him to tell him I was leaving I text him and he said he was back by the storage shed. (The yard was huge so it was way at the back of the yard). When I walked back there he pulled me behind the shed and started tounging me down and putting his hands down my shorts telling me how much he had been wanting me. He asked if i was a virgin I said no. He pulled my **** out from my top and starting sucking them and i remember it felt so good. I started rubbing his **** and he was so excited. He pulled it out and i dropped to my knees outside and started sucking it. He told me he knew I was a little freak and wanted his ****. I sucked his **** so good (I use to watch a lot of ****). He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up from sucking. He took my shorts off of me and bend me over and ****** me right behind the shed while there was like 50 people feet away at his pool. Not once did I even think about if anyone came back there it was feeling too good. He pounded my wet ***** hard raw until he shot *** all in me then he made me suck it again. I loved that the whole time he treated me like a little girl as if he was ******* his daughter or something. After that he sent me home.

Next I will write about how our relationship continued.
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that was hot reminded me of my erotic fun with older guys when iwas in the 6th 7 th and 8th grades, i would drive them crazy and myself super horny at the same time,um-mm i love to have some one spy, in on me while i change clothes, or go the bathroom, and leave the door open a tiny crack, what a turn on hearing someone get closer, to the door""" and then hear them ************ watching me turn them on by flashing my parted legs and ***** lips

love to be your next older man

Awww sorry to hear that soni30. Older men are the best

@jakeaplaya thank you. I have much more to talk about

Oh I am envious of such stories. I missed much of sexual youth and waited way too long to experience a sexy older man.