18 Year Old Seeking Older Man. 30-55

Alright, I'm back after an extremely long hiatus.
I took some time, got to know some people, and overall what I learned is: don't give your number you don't know or trust. -_-...

Very basic; I fully understand now.

Anyway, I'm still looking for an older guy to date and do stuff with, if you're interested... contact me somehow. :D

Bonus Points if you are: a RedHead, have a beard, and/or are a minority.

But anyone can get at me and chat, and who knows what could happen? :)
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18-21, F
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I wish I could grow a beard - but for many of us with Native American heritage facial hair is sparse. One of my brothers grew a decent mustache. Another tried, but it never looked good.

My dark brown hair now has some gray in it.

I have greatly enjoyed messaging here, and would love to chat with your sometime.

I am definitely older, I used to be red headed, now only my pubic hair is red.

I am 31 with red hair and beard. Let's talk sometime. Gimme an email or whiteboard me on this site.

you sound like an amazing woman - would love to chat

I'm from Barcelona and have a beard ;) 35, interested in chat mostly

I'm 29, not a redhead, don't have a beard, and I'm not a minority. Dang :(

Aww. :/

The first thing you need to figure out is why. There are time tested reasons relationships between older and younger people are generally frown on. I suggest you think this thru very carefully. Talk to someone who has nothing gain and who cares about you, someone like a parent or sibling. After that, wait about 15 or 20 years, and hope these feeling pass (snicker, snicker). Seriously though, if you find someone special who treats you as an equal and with respect, and if you are comfortable in public with him even even though he looks like your father's older brother, if you'll take him to your HS or family reunion, if you will introduce him to your grandmother despite the fact he already knows her because they dated in college. . .well, good luck. Some old guy is going to be walking around with a smile plastered across his weathered face.

haha well im glad you learned your lesson about giving your number out to randoms lol

old 45 year old man here!!!!! thank you for appreciating us!!!

Hey there I am a 25 year old French man with a beard and would love to have sum fun with you. Let me know what you think. We can chat to if you want to start of with that.

what area do you live ,

Area of what? Like... the world?

yeh what country and what part .