Damn You Freud!

I cannot get turned on my anyone my own age. Most of the men I have had crushes on have been in their 30s or 40s. Teachers, psychologists, fathers of my friends, they've all been in my fantasies. I know it's because my Dad didn't praise me enough as a child and so now when an older man compliments me I can't help but fall for him. I'm 18 now so actually being with an older man is possible, but it still seems so far fetched. I'll just have to make due with the ones closer to my age, no matter how dull I find them.
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So, you're 25 now. How's it been going?

Lol.. hard times..

i would love to be the one for you.

Boys your age have no clue about how to dominate you the way older men do.

why settle for second best when u can have what u really want.have a affair with a older man u can do it without anyone even knowing about it i just hope u dont regret no trying it at least once.be careful though cause u might never go back to the young one again have a great day

You sound wondeful... I hope we become friends!

Go for it ! I was excited when I turned 18 ( now 19 ) anyways but when I was 18 I did it with my neighbor he knew I wanted him so I made an excused to go to his house and he understood me very well all I'm sAying ur 18 and u should not wait any longer !!!

i'm 37...don't you think that i'm old enough...;)

Your older guy's looking for you hon, just give it time. :-)

i had the same desires when i was a teen and i still do. i never settle for the kids my age..i preferred to wait till i was older so i could date a older guy!! i only gave my first kiss and lost my virginity when i was 18 ..butt it was worth the wait, because it was with a hot guy in his 30´s :D!! and now im 20 and i still date men a lot older than me. DONT YOU THINK that you have to settle for kids your age, go after the older guys and sooner or later you will get lucky!!

You pretty much just told the story of my life. LOL Unfortunately the down side is a lot of the older guys are married. :/

Like you said, you are 18 now so I say go for it! I'm 27 but even in my younger years guys my age just seem so immature. I was in a relationship with a man 12 years older than me, and ever since then I have been interested in older men. I don't even have a dysfunctional relationship with my father - I have always been close with him. It is a maturity and companionship thing for me- older men are just better company (in my opinion :) ) Life is way too short to waste time on guys who you find boring or uninteresting, you deserve the type of life you want! Don't settle. Best of luck to you!

Nah girl, its viva Freud. I was forbidden a pacifier as a toddler and today am majorly oral. Boyz love me for my B’Js. <br />
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Even if father was absent and is due to your attraction to older man, go for it and enjoy they have a lot of juicy candies to offer

i am eighteen too, and it has occured to me that i am predominately attracted to older men. i am not sure why - i do have an extremely dysfunctional relationship with my father, so frued would point to that but...i don't know. i prefer to think it has more to do with the fact that the only guys i have met my age just...are not intellectually/mentally mature enough to attract me. i just graduated high school, so i am hoping college will be VERY different. i think it may be for you, too. especially if find a good "fit". but hey, who knows? maybe our fathers made fruedian freaks of us (only joking. i highly doubt that. i actually think it is a mark of maturity on us - but hey, i'm biased, eh?)

Yes, damn Freud! Man who got a few things right, and so many things wrong :D When I was a younger man, I never understood why girls my age would go after older men. Now that I look back on it, there are a bunch of very good reasons, and most of them have nothing to do with Sigmund. Most young men are astounding immature and have no idea what a woman's perspective on life is like. This is really not helped by society's abject failure to create the circumstances for young men to become grown men. That said, there *are* young men out there who have a lot of the characteristics that make older men so attractive. So you could always look for them. On the other hand, I see no point in you subjecting yourself to dull and boring relationships with dull and boring young men. You'll do far better to follow your heart and your truest desires (which may not be Older Men per se, but what you feel they can offer, or what you are seeking) than settling for third rate crap from men-boys. Either way, good luck! I can tell you from the other side of the fence, chronological age is NO guide whatsoever to mental age a lot of the time :P