Older Guys Are Better

I am 37 and my husband will be 51 tomorrow. I met him when I was 26 and he was 40. He was and still is very good looking. He has a great sense of humor & he's fun to be with. On the other hand he is mature enough to do what needs to be done to take of his family, he is responsible, a hard worker........Anyway, even as a teenager I also liked the older guys. Most of them are more mature. They don't do the stupid teenage stuff like call you every 5 minutes wanting to know where you are or try to control you. They are secure and confident in themselves. I like that. My husband is a wonderful man. He can be goofy and silly just like the younger guys, you know he's not a boring old fart that looks down on me when I've had a bit too much to drink & get the giggles. He doesn't just sit and read the paper. You know the type. It's like I have a younger guy with out all the immature crap!!!
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great story all the best to both of u

Totally agree, you can't beat a mature and experienced man

I am 17 years younger than my husband.It has been a great relationship .15 years and still together x

There's a middle between two ends I like older men yes but at most 20 years older. After that not impressed. The man I mention endlessly on here is 18 years older than me. We have a platonic friendship which goes slightly further on occasions what I love is he is understanding never pressures you. What you want is fine by him. He makes me giggle, has soft large hands. He just knows things younger men do not. Just wish he could be here right now but if you read some of my stories you will see why he can not. I hopefully will see him Wednesday for an hour all by ourselves bliss.

Looks like everybody had a good point to make.<br />
If your lucky to find someone who is happy with you and you them I can think of bigger things to worry about then age.<br />
Younger women with older men in europe for ever and no one there gives it a second thought.<br />
Most of my male friends there are married to younger women + girls in the 18 to 24 age range there enjoy dating older men not only for some of the points made above but for a lover who knows what he's doing.

Older men are better with relationships because they have already made all the mistakes the younger guys have yet to make. Not all of them learned but most have. I dated a woman 30 years younger than me. She wanted to get married. Only problem is that if the age gap is too great, you have nothing to talk about or relate to.

Hey it's true man. Young girls appreciate the respect of privacy and the security that comes with having a career/ place of your own. Just sucks when they don't understand your funny quote from ghostbusters or like make you explain what the Wu Tang Clan is. lmao

i am still set on believing that younger females and older men are good for keeping company,i dont really feel that a older guy should impregnate a younger girl, as she would be raising the child alone.

how wonderful for you ! u both are very lucky.

its too bad theres none around here that think and feel the same way, i would love to share private time with a younger female and have the chance of being able to do and enjoy the younger ones company

Been telling girls for years " Older guys are better "

As a 66 year old guy I know how many younger females feel secure making love to an older guy. Yes, there are those who say, "UGH! I would never have a relationship with someone old enuf to be my father or grandfather" but these are in the minority. Most girls love the gentleness of an older guy and have great O's with them.

Would say I've had two main loves in my life. Father of my child. I has 21 when we met. He was 9 and half years older.<br />
<br />
Another man, met few years ago (not in relationship with) but with whom I click with, 10 years older.<br />
<br />
And .... as night owl commented. Maturity works well with friendship as well. Have had, in my life, two long standing friendships with women. Both 10 years plus older.<br />
<br />
Larger age gaps seem to work well for me too!

I am 23 dating a 36 year old and its the best relationship that i have ever had and could ever ask for. I love older men!

you would love me too........ :)

My lover is 32 and I am 56. She is very special.

I love it.<br />
I am 40, my fiance is 50. He's perfect. I wouldn't have it any other way.<br />
I have always liked older men. Actually, older PEOPLE. All my women friends are many years older than me as well. There is something to be said for maturity in both men AND women.

Congratulations! I know three older man/ younger woman couples (one of is my father in law, 52, and his GF, 28) and I frequently get to to hear peoples comments of surprise. I know how happy they are, though, and I think older men can be far more interesting and attractive than the guys my age these days.