My Mother Has Always Said I Would Most Likely Marry An Older Man.

I'm just attracted to older men. Centers around maturity level, personality, preference, etc. My first boyfriend was 3 years older. Its never been a sex thing for me becuase I'm abstinent. I definitely don't want to date a grandpa though (no offense to the older gentlemen)! Right now, Im not willing to date a man more than 10 years older me.
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I agree totally. If he is ... let's say 15-18 years older than you now, it would still be ok, but 20 years down the road he will by far be too old for you. 'Cause then it would be easy to leave him for a younger guy, not so?

I always thought 12 years was my limit. My mom & my ex-stepdad were 12 years apart but now, after talking w/ both of my parents about it, they seems cool as long as he's a good guy. I'm 23 and usually attracted to late 30s-40-somethings. We'll see how it goes though!

I dated a 40 year old man when I was 28. We only dated a few months before the age difference started to bother me. He could not identify with the type of music I liked, the television programs I watched, and we disagreed on everything. It didn't help that I got along really great with his 20 year old son who was very good looking! When I broke it off with him, I told him we were too different. I ddin't want to say he was too old. After all, there is a possibility of finding someone that age that DID like the same things.

did you ever get with his son ?? :)

Yeah my limit was like 5 years and recently I met a man that was 29. We've hung out a few times and enjoy the company. I wouldn't mind dating him. 10 years is the maximum, although I haven't gotten that far. My sister disapproves. She's three years older than me and thinks 3 years is too much. My Mom is ok with the 7 year mark; past that she is a little weary.