The Love of My Life Is 23 Yrs Older

I started dating older men after my violent marriage ended. I was 25 and the man I started dating was 48.
1. They where all gentlemen (opening doors & seem to be more responsiable...)
2. They shown me attention like I have never known.
3. When they make was all about ME. Before it became about them.
 That is just a few of the reasons off the top of my hat.

I say Older Men Make Better Lovers!

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6 Responses Jun 23, 2007

I totally agree. I have always been attracted to the older gentleman as I love the fact that they are "gentlemen" for the most part. They can be more loving and giving too. I have been in a relationship with a guy that was approx 10 years my senior and he was wonderful to be with. I never felt better than when I was with him. And as for the loving part, well........ he certainly knew what was what :)

Yes you had the very right feelings for the older man! Its sure that they inspire girls like you. Infact matureness make olders to be liked. I do have many girls as my friends ranging from35 - 68. Hope you can also enjoy my friendship. I am 58.

I absolutel believe that. When I first met my lover, he was 35 and I was 22. Yes it was definitely ALL ABOUT HIM. <br />
<br />
When we remet last fall he was 63 and I was 50. I know he had minimal sexual escapades in the 25 years we were apart, but I here to tell you, he LIVES to please me in bed. The tables have turned, it is all about ME now.

Love knows no age, just the heart and soul

This is a very nice account of life. Age matters not.

That's the sweetest thing I've heard all day. :)