I Love Older Men

Let me get one thing out of the way.  I don't necessarily PREFER older men over younger men all of the time.  Regardless, it is more of an idle preference and it doesn't mean I seek this particular criteria out in men.  However, I seem to be mainly attracted to the older men - not old, just older for my age.  My attention skims over the younger fellas.

Let me explain what defines 'older' for me.  I am right on the threshold of being able to legally purchase alcohol - just four more months.  Older men, to me, are 30 to 45 years old.  The physical appeal of older men lies in their hands, forearms, grey streaks in their hair, the crinkles at the corners of their eyes when they smile, and the laugh lines near their lips.  The emotional and personality appeal of older men are inevitably the experiences, their intelligence, patience, occasional gentlemanly qualities, and sense of humor.  Some of them tends get embarrassed sometimes when a phrase they use dates them.  They tend to have so much more character to them and they are so much better at conversation.  They seem hotter when they have children because I see the way they treat them and find qualities in them you'd never see otherwise.

In my case, I'm dating a man 17 years older than me.  It surprises me because he is so young at heart and fun that I forget he is 37 years old, not 27.  Even his appearance is youthful, even if he dresses like he's still in the 80s sometimes.  I love the mixture of youthfulness and age on him.  He is incredibly smart, witty, and occasionally evil.  His red goatee and mustache is peppered with gray, and his brown hair is streaked with it.  He has this lopsided smile that's bracketed by laugh lines and green eyes that light up even as it crinkles.  His fingers are slender, crooked, and are tipped with rough pads from working with metal.  He has power over his dogs just with the snap of those fingers and he is wrapped around the little finger of his youngest daughter.  He has this lanky, skinny frame which he slouches a little too often and a cute swagger.

Ah yes, I do like older men...

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I too have always been interested in older men. I enjoy men my own age but the older they are, I agree, the more personality they seem to have and it's sexy.

nice and thanks, I think you made the day os some of us... kisses<br />
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Wow I didn't realize I was still getting comments! Admittedly, I forgot all about EP for awhile because my life has taken a huge turn recently.<br />
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throbul8r, hah interesting username. Explain what you mean by your comment, please. Always interested to know the mind behind a vague phrase.<br />
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pal8able, my new pal. :D I'm glad this made your day. It's an unique personality in people that draws me to them, not their age. But an interesting thing is, usually they end up being far older than me. So .. you, as a sensualist and seemingly attentive man, will definitely draw women of any age.<br />
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Thank you! :D

This is a very unique and well written experience. Thanks for sharing with us ... and I gotta say, It made my day!<br />
As an older man, it makes me smile that young ladies out there are possibly interested in me .. hmmm<br />
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There is hope ... for the sensualist in me ...<br />
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You are a gifted author ... please keep it up ... wiriting and loving older men ... lol

1 of us going to have to take a long journey.

I was always attracted to older men as well. There is just something about them!