I can't see myself dating anyone my age. All of them are immature whacked out boys that don't know what they want (believe me I've dated them). And since I'm not a girl who puts herself out there, I don't get to meet a lot of men.

By men I mean, stable everything. Knows what he wants, has everything under control.

I've fell hard for a couple of teachers in their 50's but I've always had a falling out with them. I love tall, graying, blue eyed men who are in shape and if one happened to like me....who knows what could happen?

bretagnexsade bretagnexsade
18-21, F
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how about me?..

I know two people who fit that exact desc<x>ription. I have a terrible attraction to the both of them. D:

my type of the girl:)

16 is legal here. I know what could happen if it were me....we could discuss it?

Watch out. You are in very dngerous territory. Until you are 18 it would be illegal for any man over 21 to have sex with you.<br />
<br />
Not to sound like your father but... You should be concentrating on school. Hot sex and love and all of those experiences with older men are for later.

Whatever ....... dad