You Had Me At "Dentures", Honey!

I don't recall the last time I gazed warmly at a man my own age and had thoughts of either buying him a drink or ravaging his body completely.  My current beau is 25 years my senior and I couldn't ask for anything more out of a partner and relationship. 
Most people have been made to believe that younger women who fall in love with older men have the "abandoned father" syndrome; which for the most part I can understand the reasoning behind the assumption, but my father loved me and we still have a wonderful relationship.   I never went without fatherly love as a child; nor was I abused by an older man at any time.  My childhood was a good one and the only depressing memory I can recall as a little girl was seeing how hard my parents worked to make ends meet.  We struggled financially, but in no way did those memories somehow distort or define my adult relationships. 

I simply like older men.  

Speaking of which -- mine needs to be rubbed down w/Ben Gay before he falls asleep.

Oh and did I mention that a large majority of older men have dentures ..... o O ( I love being gummed into ******!) hahahhaha ;)
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I got a full set of uppers,fullosecrets

Hey! I'd like to get to know you! I'm 48 and love younger girls like you.. Hit me up if you are interested..<br />
XOXO<br />

I can relate to you! I have a wonderful relationship with my father and I find myself attracted to older men. Maybe in some cases younger women had a negative relationship with a male in childhood, but that is not always the case. <br />
<br />
LOL at the dentures also! <br />
It is nice to hear about a positive relationship like this.