the Older Guys

I have always had a thing for older men, ever since i was little, i remember crushes that i had on my dads friends, and a few months ago i shared my first sexual experience with an older guy who was 35. He was really experienced and this ended up being my best sexual encounter (im 22)!

I still think about it now, i might be sitting at work at i get flash backs of that steamy night we shared!

My friends are really cool with it, they get the fact i like hot older men...i am currently dating a 40 year old!

He is wicked, he only has eyes for me, he is good i bed, sensitive and he's hot to boot!

26-30, F
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Now you go girl, enjoy whilst you can because in 20 years' time you'd probably not want a man that is that much older than you? But for now, nothing wrong, enjoy and appreciate.

Nice story please add

I'm a 41 year old male and I believe that I am only getting better as I age and I'm glad there are people like you who recognize it thanks

Well I'm 52 and I was wondering if you would take a look at my profile pictures.

We older guys think aboutwhat pleasures a woman instead of us worrying about getting off. I know that if you put a lady into orbit, she will push you over the eddge.<br />
<br />
also what is knownis paying close attention to there desires and fantasies and listen

I just love men over 60. They are so much more experienced and know how to please a woman. They are so much more appreciative of a woman's body as well.

Probably the old persons are interested in enjoying what they cannot get from their wives and act to satisfy their girl friends.

do they satisfy your needs so as to keep your love and friendship which appeals to you!

My situation can not get that far but for me its the way he seems to understand and want to listen to me. He understands how I feel about things but he also knows how to kiss be it soft gentle and quick around a corner so no one catches us or long slow with feeling if we have time together on our own.

I totally agree with your story. I have always dated older to the dismay of my parents. My current bf is my age and I kind of hate it. He is so annoying and immature. That is why I never dated guys my age before. Miss being with an older man.

When I was 55 I had a 27 YO girlfriend, We had a great time together.

any ladies care for male older 40 owns on buiness beach home looking letg me know i cant type but i can be a man

An older man, like any other person, can be a yerk. But in general, the experience adquire over time, teach us how to treat a younger woman and/or a woman in general. But in a young female/older man relationship, he gets something special that he will find difficult to obtain and therefore sharishs that relationship and care for her in a very special and unique way... while it last.

awesome u got really lucky there GF Hit th jackpot huh?

It could be you'd also like wine. Its said it gets better with age.

If there are any young ladies wanting to experiance a 40 year old man, let me know<br />
i am in south east Queensland Australia.<br />
Older guys have more control and want to enjoy the experance and making sure your enjoying your self is all apart of it.

if 40 is old i must be ancient

i think it is age and experience.<br />
the age slows down the urge, the experience adds to the skill...

I'm also a fan of older men. My first experience with a much older man was when I was 19.. he was 52. He was all manner of yummy! Too bad he turned out to be a jerk. ;-;

would u like to try again this time with a non jerk?

yea....older guys are great for women. we know all the right moves....

I am looking for an older man to chat with

id love to chat with u contact me

I am chatting

Where do you want me to contact you at?

I'm 32.

drop me a message anytime

I'd definitely chat you. Drop me a line so I can give you contact info.

I am looking for an older guy to talk to too. ;-)

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I also like older men.. I am 25 and currently dating a 45 year old. I don't think it's an "experience" thing.... To me it's just a big turn on.. and like umm (sob1?) I have always liked the older men ever since I was a little girl.....<br />
<br />
That 45 year old that I'm dating is so hot... so.... wonderful... just typing about him makes me want to go wake him up and KISS HIM!!!!!<br />
<br />
<br />
Ahhhh : )

is it really an age thing? or just experience?

I think is more of experience for me with older men.