The Way to Go

As of recently, I find myself primarily attracted to older men. It is something so charming about them. Their confidence, security, they make a female feel like the prettiest woman they've ever met and its their privilege to be with you. Oldermen actually want to hear about your day and if life is treating you right. I smile at the thought of seeing my older man because I know when we're together it's because we both want to be.
Trinity09 Trinity09
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2 Responses Feb 6, 2009

Thanks everyone... Nticeme your marriage or at least your concept sounds lovely hopefully i can find that in my partner one day

The most important thing to remember is that age is not a factor, the relationship is. If a man makes you happy go for it. Generally though an older man has little to prove. You benefit from good and experienced attention and he benefits from knowing that he can still make a kitten purr. I've been there and its a great feeling.<br />
The thing you have to understand however is that it will probably be temporary because if the passion turns into day-to-day routine you will find that you have nothing in common except the bedroom. If your aware of that and your enjoying the attention.<br />
<br />
Go for it!!!