Ilikeoldermen :)

Well, I was wondering about oldermen lately and since Ive always felt more attracted to oler guys. And sometimes much older guys...I just created a website so I can write about and blog about... specially with other women like me


It feels a little unconfortable when you live with your parents since you feel kind of wrong...specially when you end up feeling attracted to your parents' friends or you friendss parents... At some point you will think that you have to have a very good image about yourself in the social group you have around you because its too much pressure. Your friends are not really going to support you on that one and you will end up feeling a little lonely. It gets you thinking...that maybe you are a little disfunctional as people would think of a girl with a men...But I really think its just the way that I like man...a little older!

Its funny...I used to date very good looking and just a little older guys more for my image or publicity :) and I used to date older guys on my free time! I love the gray hair and even the wrinckles make them look so real and interesting. I like the mature attitude. Im not much into the older guys that act and think as if they were still young. But I don't mind that, I still like them anyway...  

You know that when you are young you have to have that good girl kind of image so they don't kick you out...LOL

Feel attracted to older married men...that can happen too...I hope it won't happen to most girls more than 2 or 3 times when they are young. But Im sure they can get a lot smarter after 1 or 2.... But teachers and professors are the most fun of all...But Im not saying you should try...Im saying it used to be fun for me.

Now that I live by myself and Im independent in every sense of the word...Ive decided to open up to the fact that I like older men :) Im having a lot of fun writing about this LOL

ilikeoldermen ilikeoldermen
Mar 1, 2009