there is a guy i met through work that is double my age plus a year... his daughter is 5 years older then me.. but i just cant helpmyself. he's amazing. smart, well established, very handsome, well mannerd... everything you would want in a man... but there is just such a big age gap... he's 43 and im only 21... we've gone out a few times and we get along really well.. he treats me the way i feel a man should treat a woman... he's very respectful, polite but still very fun. he's not condecending to me because im younger. i dotn see it going far b/c our jobs would end up keeping us states apart for extended periods of time.... but he's just so wonderful. who cares what society thinks! im gonna have my fun. :)

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age is nothing but a number that the world wants to throw in your face when it comes to dating and marriage.

i respect them..