I've Always Loved Older Men

Hello, I am 22 and I have always been someone who loves older men. I would love someday to meet a great older guy to marry! I find that older men have a lot more maturity and are more willing to settle down. I just don't relate to guys my age. I find a lot of the "frat" boys of college to be juvenile and stupid. I want a guy who's willing to communicate and share! I especially like guys in their late thirties and early fourties.

I just really also like a little gray hair because I find it very attractive!

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3 Responses Mar 11, 2009

mm bit out of that age range and mines shaved ( my head that is lol . well ..... lol) so I guess that leaves me out :(

Oh my Gosh, I love older men too, I am 23 and would never date a guy my age, they are so immature and only want sex. My current guy is in his early fourties and he is the best man I have ever had, I once dated guys my age but I am so sick of them.

I feel the same way. I don't typically only look at people 'older' than me but a lot of the time, I do.