Within Reason!

NO, I'm not looking for a father-figure to have relations with... EWW! That's just creepy to me. And forever will be so. =p

What I mean is, I do prefer to date guys 5 or more years older than me. Only up to the age of 40, currently. The scale moves, when I get older, of course. ;-)

The reason for this is, I find that guys that are exactly my age or younger, they not mature yet to know what they want in a relationship. I am sure there may be a few who are, but I haven't met any of them! And I hate the whole thing of me being sure that we're on the same page, skipping around happy, and then BAM... nope, it's not what the guy wanted in a relationship after all. They thought they did, but changed their mind, and are confused as to what they want and expect in a relationship. In other words, they haven't grown up yet. =p

I have been through this up-and-down rollercoster a few times, in my dating life. This is why I normally avoid dating people younger than me or around my age. I had decided to look elsewhere, to some guys who have already been through this stage, a long time ago. YES, my exes have been jerks, they were all 35 and older. BUT, the one thing I can't fault them on is, they knew what they wanted! Sure, they didn't let me know it, because it would ruin their deception, but they knew exactly what they wanted. :-/

SO, I will continue to date older guys. And I am hopeful that the next guy will be truthful... and because of his age, most likely he will know what he wants in a relationship! :-D

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Mar 27, 2009