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ive never had 'father issues' either,some just want a 'father figure' and i want one..lets say...i mean i guess..another one!,i wasnt always into older guys,it used to be 'as long as he's older then me' during that i just seemed to move up the age purhaps maybe the time something seemed to 'click' inside me was when i saw the movie 'lolita' im a daddies girl,no issues or anything, just like my childhood,i dont know if that sounds wierd..but i do! i know i hated when my parents got divorced...i spent more time with my dad then i did withmy mom when i was little,ont even remeber much at all of my mom really,she had issues,anyways,up untill 4 month ago i was in a relationship with a 50 yr old,i liked im alot,sleeping beside him.staring at his handsome face,like in 'awe' of it,i loved touching it...i loved his wringes..(:.he always tried to hide them and made fun of me..anyways..we did alot together.. it lasted three month,ive never felt the way with anyone the way i did with him,still kinda sad but we really had nothing in comman anways, as i found out more so later....ive known other 50 yr olds ive had more in comman with then him..
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i dont knwo why pepole think girls that date older have a father issue i see it very normal

And ada12? You sure as heck don't look young, either. Who would call you little girl? A 100 year old? You look like my moms!

According to your picture, you don't look young at all. Maybe that's why you like "older" men because you know you look older. I have seen women in their forties who look younger than you. I would think you were about 48 by your pic. I think maybe you're lying about your age. I have also seen twenty year old with wrinkles, and forty year olds with smooth faces. It's not about age. It's about sex appeal. Besides, by calling other women "wrinkled old bags" you are only talking about your future self, which is really dumb, giving yourself a shelf life, which is looks like it's about to expire anyway. Get a life. Stop being such a cranky old shallow you know what.

43 Year old here open to anything so add me or message me and we can trade email addresses.

I have enjoyed reading all this. I love to tease older men... I love it when they look at me like a little girl, and want me... Issues? so? I would like to have older men to just cyber with me and that's all is that too much to ask for? lol

I just joined this site and this is my first comment. All I can say is that I agree 100 per cent. I do know many boys that are My age but I have been with an older man, 53 for aover two years and it is the best relationship I have had in such a long long time. he is wonderful, understnads me and takes care of all of my needs.

I just joined this site and this is my first comment. All I can say is that I agree 100 per cent. I do know many boys that are My age but I have been with an older man, 53 for aover two years and it is the best relationship I have had in such a long long time. he is wonderful, understnads me and takes care of all of my needs.

and WHAT is wrong with two nerds?? its cute!! you always see them together..why im talking to a few right now!! i dont mean you

well...i cant really call myself a sexul person cuz i see sexual people as fooling around all the time with ANYONE thats what IDE call a 'sexual' person...and i havnt had many boyfreinds

probably it seems to be around i dont really consider myself a sexual person! for once im SERIOUS about monogamy!! (gives InkyDuex the evil eye)

huh well he was 48. i have tended to like 4o to 50 and they all kinda have looked the same.cuz i KNOW what i like..long hair glasses ya know...hmmmmm when i?? well i dont want to get into it on here.. i honesly thought it was giong to bleep out my curse

yeah we were kinky..but like ok get this...first off after a while..when we um "ya know" f course with a condom! he would say that i cant take how rough he could be with me..thatkind hurt my feelings!!..and he said an older woman would beable to. when your having sex..what the hell does being able to take it have to do with being older!. critisizing me on how much i can handle it...screw the back of my mind i was kinda laffing, no offense.but generaly how hard can an older guy ****?...maybe it was just me? i aways told him i just have to relax myself more...but arghhhh!! i mean can you imagine how that made me feel?? and also about pleasuring him too..well i mean when im done with ogasming im done!..ofcourse he always made me 'ya know' and once i did i didnt want to do anything else and he complaned..

wel thank you!! yes i did feel like i was more mature then richard. he didnt really critisize me in mean was kinda jokinly but i let things get to me too much...yes i know ALL about the sailing.and dad does thatstuff too!. him and richard were alot alike in a way dad and him got along .yes OFCOURSE there was physical attraction VERY not sure about that.. probably more on my part..the poor man was trying too! i know he was trying VERY hard to see something with me,becuase one minute he would be saying how HAPPY he was with me then next he would email me out of he blue.saying it wasnt working..then next thing u know i persade him to come and pick me up!!. well he told me he would never forget me, and he still emails me from time to time saying he is thinking about me,i respond back but he never says anything

BTW was trying to find the words to say it. but i ALWAYS thought ide ave ALOT in comman with someone older,i dont see how his will ever change. think im pretty grown up about my taste in music and all that ther stuff.. i get alng with my dad so i always thought why woudnt i get long with someone ELSE older, richard was TOO different he was too much like his 23 yr old son.i dont really come across that too often but probably the FIRST two weeks of being with him at his place i relized we were just different..but i just thought it would all even out the better we got to knowechother..but he always critisized me.even with what i watched..i found that ridicoulous coming from a 48 yr old man who liked "pop" music,justin timberake and britney spears,we even got our dreadlocks for different reasons.. now ironicly it should be the other way it was like 'role' reversal little bit..but **** im NEVER gunna like pop music..its a bunch of garbage..its such a fad...

ohhhhh:O haa! yeah i love that..right when you said the daugher thing!! haa! well so what? peoples assumptions..when i was seen with richard i KNEW people were probably thinking that too..ecxiting but i didnt really care..hmmm..mind you if felt soooo odd but yet so wonderfull..wierd huh?it flt like just walking around with my t iwant to argue...arghh.): what really do you mean in comman? older guys dont realy do much no offense!... yes i dont mind settling down..thats what most want to do at that ok with that. and thats what i wanted to find because of that...(another of my reasons)do you mean things in coman as still giong out partieyng and acting stupid?? i never did that and never interested in that

ehhh....well ok rebelous tho?? that just argh... i woudnt get rebelous i mean cmon dammit!..i dont care what anyone cant get rebeloius over your boyfriend!..ive hears that before but i dot buy it..maybe some stupid girls just dont have a strong enough bond... umm ok.. say i DO gow up.. what am i gunna relize??? even if i DID grow up i think ide love you shouldnt matter who grows up or does what in thier long as its together.. i see nothing else..when i was with richard..mind you the age gap was a turn on but...when we did things together.cuddle while watching a movie.. etc..i did not see a dfference,i just saw him as i would any other if the age difference wasnt there.

i will think of buying a schoolgirls i always had the notion older men would LIKE to take care of someone younger, ke their duaghter,if i may say!!...i dont know how i got this in my head...but i remember thinking this when i first relized i liked older guys...

lol not exactually what ide thought it woyd be like...the way i had it in my head,it would kinda be like that movie 'lolita' minus the ending results..bleh....when i was with richard it was just like living with my dad(: umm...not in every way! lol i liked it like as nice!! ive never felt like this in 10 yrs!! its not about roleplaying...hmm maybe it is i dont know..i kinda want to make th fantasies a way it was!! wouldnt u say its real?? being with an older man and callng them daddy...amongsth other things i dont wan to go intoo detail hmmm...but in a way ide like the fantasies to real..and why not?? i always thought an older man would LOVE to take care of a younger sounds beautifull to me,the way it plays in my head(: almost natural.

this was one thing i left im not selfish or anything..but i lack maturity that ALOT Of girls my age have...wether it be from being on thier own or whatever..ive NEVER been on my own yet,and terribe at budgetting, i dont even do the dishes or clean around the house..this was AN issiue with him.altho he was teaching me rensoniblitly. he wanted to see i was diong this at home too.. and i wasnt..but i DID clean at his place mind you..but well this was all an issue ith him..and i just coudnt see a future with me.itwuld probably take alot of pateince the guys part in regards to me...*sigh* so many things..even in the beggiing he always said wished i was 30, now that was hurtfull..cuz i cant change my age for him..and i always said tohm if was 30 ide STILL probably hve matirty is its AWFULL. it was always the notion oler men like younger girls cuz their inocence youthfullness and they havnt experainced the world yet...well this is kinda bull crap....i havnt experance any of these thing yet either..its only like "initaily these are atrractive to older men.but once the novelty wears off like i would lose my "innocence". i cant retendto be a child and be mature at the same time): lol this is what richard said to me and..well other older kinda hurt my feelings):...."your just a child,now leave us adult alone"!! iv had that said to me in a negiive way i beleive knowone wants to take care of a well but i fricekn say im a daddies gil what do you exept then??....this is just not my way.... i dont want to become a "woman" i hate it i hate growing up...i dont want this.

well not really so dontknow..and im NOT mature apparently..thas the thing..he alayssaid he wihed was mature. i am m under matur my level and i think thats even MORE frowned apon.istill feel like a 9 yr old girl..

hahhaha beautifull!

Disclaimer: I am a 52-year-old man...<br />
<br />
Wow, lots of food for though here. I can see trouble ahead for you, young lady!..<br />
<br />
It is a supreme paradox of American life that a man who has a wife that is roughly equal in age, though she appears young due to genetics, cosmetic surgery, or beauty products, is admired and respected; further, his young-looking wife is also respected for appearing to be younger than she is. However, if a man has a wife/lover/girlfriend who is, in actuality, much younger than he is, then both man and woman are suspect. The man is accused of being an aging Lothario, desperately clinging to tenuous vestiges of youth and the woman is accused of having "daddy issues," of being rapacious, and she might even be thought of as slightly psychotic. Aren't we a beautiful bunch, claiming to love someone for who they are, yet castigating the this very philosophy when the age difference is in the double digits?<br />
<br />
Nabokov's "Lolota" was a tremendous story, and one that most people avoid because of the taboo surrounding age differences between Humbert Humbert and the young girl. The real tragedy is two-fold: the loss of childhood and innocence on the girl's part, and the man's Quixotic search for something he lost destroyed many people. <br />
<br />
ANYWAY... nerdy girls always get a bad rap from the mainstream, bourgeois way of thinking, probably because they have a decent vocabulary and are independent thinkers. Yes, there are tons of pitfalls for those whose age difference is a big number, but it is for the couple to decide how to traverse the chasms. Truthfully, nerds are the best-equipped people to deal with such issues. This is not an elitist point of view: this is a nerd's point of view. We see things as they are, not as a reflection of national mores and individual faults.<br />
<br />
Good story. good observations. Now I'll go take my Geritol and my Centrum 50...

I wanted to get into Age Issues on here myself, but I haven't found the words and exact thoughts on it yet. But I think this society usually wants too many issues and think they are Pretentous with taking morality to a more arrogant level in their lives. Trying to hold us in our own time fr<x>ame limit here on Earth. Now we can't go back in time time. We are always held into a prison of our own time period. Bunch of Crap with the way the world likes to think. And calling things something else like a Father Figure. Is nothing but a bunch of crap made up to make it look worse than it really is. Nobody has to have those ideas about it. Forget about such issues and think of those that are not thought about is only a distraction.

i dont know why you men would even want to be with an old wringled bat!.): it makes me sad..ive had a few guys here and there..question why ide even want to be with them when i could have someone younger...your sweet! young men are *** holes...they dont compare to you!!..and ive had a few say its just not right for me to be with them becuase of the age difference.. i dont get it tho.. things have changed SO much..i guess some men cant handle it and it seems like it would be too goo to be true....they have nieces and nephews my age and bla bla bla....sadly it seems like this is the reality..they find it too good to be true and cant handle it find it sad.maybe they think i'll hurt them.i have a feeling they ponder, i have my whole life ahead of me why would i want to be stuck with them who will just keep me from living my life..but **** thats kinda like "everything" lol it doesnt really make sense..ide live my life around them..thats what anyone would do..i just think some guys make exuses... ide just love to make someone happy.not for a month or two but forever. i dont care about the mortality thing..that doesnt bother me...ive thought about the different issues that might arise ..but nothing bothers me i take love seriously..of they die before i do! then i'll just be a damn widow then who cares!! end of story...atleast ive made you happy for the time being!!! and vise versa! its called commitment!!

i could write FOREVER about this....and add a ton of other stuff but i dont want to go into alot of detail and im too lazy to edit 500 times right