im not even sure but i have liked someone 10 years older than me before. why?  cuz they know what ther doing, they know where there going, they know what they want and dont mess around. they dont think like kids or beat around the bush. they have a normal humor and have two feet on the ground.

DarkAmber DarkAmber
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ya i know. some times i feel like im playing dress up. when it comes to older guys you never know what to expect, and sometimes the first moment u meet them u know somewhere it went wrong, mainly cuz it never should have happend. i dont mind being toast, just as long as they dont get the chance to butter me...

I was just kidding. I do suggest that you stick with guys closer to your own age. As barely an adult, a few years of experience on you by the guy, easily gives him an advantage in being able to take advantage of you. His maturity comes with experience that you do not have. Relationships can be like a game of chess. As a newbie, you have no idea where that move came from, and by the time you realize it, you are toast.

oh im sorry Bonds, but im bairly in my adult years. and 22+ is twice my already large range love.

Darn. I was hoping you would say that you would give one of us 40-50 year olds a try.

wow i LOVE u guys. i think i will stick with the younger guys... if they act like the older ones... maybe. <br />
TAKE THE MONEY! i remember watching shows and yelling at the tv about that kind of thing. i would rather be a rich mans queen than a poor mans slave, so my grandmother would say. lots of wisdom in those words.

You are fairly normal. Women mature faster than guys. So, a man 2-3 years older compensates for that. 7-10 is on the high side, but it does happen. The flip side is that men age faster than women. By the time you are 65, better for you if he is a few years younger.<br />
<br />
Enjoy the older models while you are young, and when you are older, trade him in for a new one - Just kidding.