Manly (un)challeneged...


Chicks whom prefer younger men to older are CRAZY!!! Well, unless you're like, in your late 30's or 40's, hell, even 50's!! Then- if you can snag a twenty year old, WAY TO GO!! But I don't want em'. Sure, They're usually pretty wild in bed, LOTS of fun, but even when I was in 15, and was dating and sleeping with a 17 year old, he just didn't challenge me as much as I would've liked. At lunch breaks I'd stay inside and talk to my teachers, cuz I was sick of all the obvious flirting and boys asking me for hugs all the time, and talking about sex when I KNOW for a fact that if they ever had a naked women right in front of them, they'd have no idea what to do. I enjoyed the transparent gazes that foretold exactly what was about to happen next, every date being delicously predictible, but it definately did not stop me from chatting up twenty-somthing college students at Chapters, especially since I looked about 22 at that age.

ANYWAYS; Every woman has the ability to snag a hot, mature, smart, respectful man who knows how to work his body and yours.


(I didn't include the Gay man arguement in this, because -steriotypically- women mature at an excellerated rate compared to men. generally)

Crazybunnygirl Crazybunnygirl
Mar 11, 2010