My Neighbor

one day my neighbor was outside washing his car (he was fat and he had a gotee and he was 51 years old) so I went outside and decided to speak to him, about how his wife died and how he loved animals. eventually we came to the topic of sex it got me kind of horney and I could tell by his ***** that he was too. I aqsked him if I could see inside his car he started to show me around the huge suv at the back is where I diceded to make my move i pretended to fall on the seat as he came to help me up I pulled his arms down. he fell on me. he said sorry I did'ent mean t- I said your pretty cute

What? Is it okay If I see your **** he smiled and said if i do will you suck it. I might I said he pulled off his pants and boxers i saw his huge **** come out and I could not resist I shoved my mouth over to his **** and deep throating him i felt his **** slide into my mouth and down my throat after a while we boath got nude and he shoved his **** into my ***** he kept going faster and faster until his hot *** shot into my ***** 4 times

blargtoc233 blargtoc233
Mar 12, 2010